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 (final results updated 7/12/15)


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Organiser's comments:

  I am happy to report that there were no incidents or injuries and that all of the courses remained intact throughout the day.  The weather was fair, but windy with a heavy shower around midday.  But, compared with some parts of the country, we were very lucky.  I am also happy to say that there were no adverse comments and the courses appear to have been challenging thanks to planner, Alistair and controller, Peter Hornsby from LEI.  Thanks very much for your services Peter.  I hope we can call on you again sometime in the future.  I would also like to say a big thanks to the parking and road crossing marshals.  This is always a thankless task, complicated this time because of the gate into the assembly area.  Thankfully you managed to keep the travellers out and those who wanted also got a late run.  Thanks also to all volunteers for the various tasks, especially the non orienteers Sue Bowman, Kimberley Lunn, Lucy Smart and Phil Lunn who, having completed his shift on download, kindly agreed to take over at the gate and man the road crossing.  I would also like to mention Stephen Benn, the landowner for allowing access to Dave Watson of Hope Construction for access to the lane for parking.  Without their cooperation this event could not take place.

All volunteers are very much appreciated and even though you may not be mentioned here, your help is most appreciated.  The next OD WM league event is at Hartshill Hayes on 24 Jan 16 and Chris McCartney has already started trawling for volunteers.  Please give him your full support and we can start 2016 with another excellent event.

Lost property.  Black and gray woollen Thinsulate hat. Found in the wood near a control. Suspected to belong to an orienteer.  Contact me to reclaim it.

John Middler


Controller's comments:

 It was a pleasure to run round the nearly empty woods this morning checking the control sites and tapes. The predicted early drizzle did not arrive till later in the morning, sorry for all the runners caught in the rain. But at least it wasn't like the Lake District where some places collected over 300mm of rain in the last 24 hours.

Piles Coppice gave some excellent open running, I trust that you weren't distracted by some new cycle tracks and the rapid growth of the thickets. Brandon Woods provides few areas of good running, but the planner contrived some good route choices legs and I heard some tales of orienteers, loosing concentration and running into the wrong blocks.

The White and Yellow courses were difficult to plan withing the guidelines due to the path vagaries. Alistair helped the competitors by careful placement of smiley and frowney faces. He also had to replan the longer courses in the few weeks before the event due to a lost permission which he dealt with very well. So a big thanks to Alistair for his successful planning It was not at all evident that it was his first planning experience at this level.

Thanks to John and all his helpers who ran the event with the usual OD panache.

Peter Hornsby LEIOC


Planner's comments:

  Firstly a massive thank you to John and Peter for helping me plan this event. John tagged the majority of the sites and highlighted several map changes required. Peter was excellent at critiquing control sites and courses and opened my eyes to the amount of work required to plan an event at this level.

Thanks to Bruce for effecting some speedy map changes.

It was unfortunate we couldn't get permission to use the other parts of the map to the east but hopefully you didn't notice too much as the Brown and Blue had to undergo some hefty changes to ensure they were still long enough.

We were fortunate that no sites were vandalized during the course of the event and it was great to have all competitors retuning safely.

Thank you to all the control collectors for sticking around and making my job much easier at the end of the day.

Finally a big thank you to my wife Naomi, who doesn't see me during the week due to me working in Yorkshire and hasn't seen much of me the last month of weekends either so is like a single parent at the moment!


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