Beginners - About Orienteering

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is a fun outdoor sport which involves finding the quickest route between control points using a special map to navigate.

It uses brain as well as body and is similar to Adventure Racing which you may have seen on television. If you enjoy hill walking, cross-country running or geocaching there is a good chance you will also enjoy orienteering.

Do I need to be a club member?

No! just come along to one of our events and try orienteering.

Who is it for?

Anyone! We have members of all ages from toddlers to Senior Citizens, many are family memberships. Some local schools such as KHVIII are members.


We use the parks around Coventry and Solihull and have many areas of the Warwickshire countryside specially mapped.


The perfect way for Beginners to orienteer when and where you like is to use the many Permanent Orienteering Courses in the area.
There are also Saturday informal events during autumn / winter / spring. Wednesday evening informal events during the summer. Sunday morning colour coded and badge events throughout the year. More details can be found on the Club Events Page

What should I wear?

Normal rules are that the legs and torso must be fully covered while orienteering (short-sleeved tops are allowed but not vests). This applies even in warm weather because courses can include sections through the undergrowth.

At some events (e.g. if there is no undergrowth) the rules are relaxed and shorts can be worn. Ask the event organiser if you're not sure.

Where can I buy equipment?

Club kit is available from the Club Shop

There is an on-line shop run by Compasspoint who often take a van to the larger regional / national events. The event details will usually say if they are attending a particular event.

 Formline is the UK's primary online retailer of NVii shoes. They are a new brand making innovative shoes for forest and trail. They also supply Str8 compasses

Compasses and books are also available from the British Schools Orienteering Association

Do I have to run?

Only if you want to. There are a range of courses on offer including ones suitable for walking or jogging.

Will I get fit?

Yes! Walking is best when you start so that you don't get lost, but getting fitter is a distinct possibility. We provide coaching and development for everyone.

Where can I get additional information?

For more information about the sport or club just call 01926 632189 or email:

We do not have a fixed weekly meeting point, but instead organise events on a regular basis around the area.

At each event we offer a friendly and informal welcome to the sport - supporting adult / junior beginners and more seasoned orienteers alike with coaching sessions and a programme of regular events.

With members ranging in age from 5 to 85, we can offer newcomers - walkers, joggers and runners of any age - help and guidance on how to read maps, use a compass and how use the electronic timing.

For further information about the club please call 01926 632189 or email

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