Results for Hinckley Urban, Sunday 29th August 2021 

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Organiser / Planner's comments:

I hope you enjoyed the first event in Hinckley which we eventually got to put on after two previous cancellations. Up front, I’d specially like to thank Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council who were very supportive and allowed us to base ourselves in The Mead which they guard rather jealously. They also opened up the toilets especially for us for fours hours at no cost since they are normally closed on Sundays. Very welcome because, as many of you know, permissions are not too straightforward nowadays! Many of you will not know that Leicestershire schools returned on August 25th only for older pupils to be encouraged to get a walk-in jab, offered for the first-time in Hinckley, right in the middle of our event which explains the crowd around The Mead. It did put a little pressure on parking but I hope that it did not cause you any further problem.

My objective was to offer a local event of a slightly higher standard than a regular Level D to do justice to an excellent map and it appeared to work from the comments I have had. The full resources that support a regional event may have allowed us to get a little more out of the area and certainly would have enabled more courses but that can wait for another time. I did perhaps put too much temptation for runners on the long course to hop over an uncrossable fence (above control 224) that was physically quite crossable and we did find that the map needs to have an uncrossable wall added adjacent to control 222 due to the vertical drop. Sadly, we had reports of a competitor going through two uncrossable olive green areas around the open-air theatre in Hollycroft Park which was visited by the Medium and Long courses. It seems to be a perennial problem on urbans but this one was very obvious and was rather sad as the event was only open to BOF members who should know better.

Quite a few people said to me that they had not been to Hinckley before so I hope you enjoyed the various ‘yards’ that you explored – jitties or ginnels in Hinckley speak.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who helped me on the start, collecting controls and, in particular, to Mike Hampton for his map that we finally got to use after two years, to Bruce Bryant for his help and advice on the courses and getting the final maps sorted and printed and to Liz and Graham Urquhart for coming along to run download for a local event and in getting the results up so promptly. Last of all, special thanks to Jane & Margaret for helping me to put out the controls, set-up the start, woman the finish and for their myriad constructive suggestions along the way because, quite simply, life would be dangerous if I didn’t. 

Keith Wildig


Saturday 25th September 2021: Cracks Hill and Crick (Note this is an afternoon event)

Start times 14:30 - 15:30

The final event of the 2021 Summer Series using a new LiDAR based map (ISOM 2017-2) at 1:7500 with 5m contours covering the area of Crack's Hill, surrounding young woodlands, areas surrounding the sports pitches and extending into the northern part of Crick village for the Long course.

Pre-entry will be required on Fabian4 for the Medium and Long courses. Note that the Long course includes a section of urban orienteering so is not suitable for any under16's (unless accompanied by an adult). Other courses are traffic-free.

The Short and 45 minute Score course will be available for pre-entry but will also be available for entry on the day as well.. These 2 courses are easier and suitable for those new to orienteering. 

Seniors £5, Juniors / Students £1, SI hire £1, Car parking  £1 (cash)

EOD for Short and Score course by cash payment. Please bring the correct change if you can.

Course details:  SI / SIAC punching
    Long               4.8km / 100m climb / 23 controls   
    Medium        3.3km / 80m climb / 18 controls
    Short             1.5km / 15m climb / 10 controls (Yellow / Td2)
    Score             45 minutes / 20 controls (Orange /Td3) 

Pre-Entries close on Sunday 19th September..

Final details are available here (v1 31/08/21)

Any last minute changes to events and PDFs for download (e.g. start lists and control descriptions) will be published here