OD current areas:

"OCAD" map files for all current areas are held by Bruce Bryant.

Many of the "old area" map files are held by Mike Hampton although Bruce Bryant has copies of most files.

Most of the Urban maps cover a large area which are cropped into a smaller area for A3 printing for each specific event. For this reason, Google Maps link to these areas are not specified.

Map Type:
= map drawn to ISOM 2017-2 "Forest" specification.
Sprint = map drawn to ISSprOM 2019 " Sprint-O" specification. Also used for most Urban maps
ISOM/ISSOM = map drawn using the old ISOM 2000 or ISSOM 2007 map specifications

Map Scale: Scale that the map is drawn at*

Map Date:  Date of last survey revision   

VOC: SMR = Summer Series 2020 MapRun courses 

VOC: AMR or WMR = Autumn / Winter Series 2020/21 MapRun courses

Notes: POC/VOC = Permanent course also available as MapRun course

* = Map was drawn at 1:4000 but reduced to 1:5000 for ease of home printing

Area Name: ( Google Maps link ) Map Type Map Scale Map Date VOC Notes
Abbey Fields & Kenilworth Castle Sprint 4,000 2020 SMR Usable all year. The map is an extract of the larger Kenilworth Urban map
Bentley Woods Forest 10,000 2018 - Private "shooting" woods that are usually only available between February and June. No public access. Used primarily for major events.
Borough Hill Forest 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year.
Bramcote Barracks ISSOM 5,000 2016 - ISSOM map with restricted access - typically shared with "military league" events
Brandon Wood & Piles Coppice Forest 10,000 2020 - Usable all year. Only one event per year permitted
Burton Dassett Hills Sprint 5,000  2020 SMR Usable all year.
Compton Verney ISSOM 5,000 2018 - Charity owned Park (& Art Gallery) Paid access to Grounds. Enlarged POC maps for Easy and Medium courses (1:4000)
Coombe Park Forest 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year. Deep nettles in summer! POC/VOC available
Coundon Hall Park Sprint 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year.
Coventry - Urban Sprint 4,000 2020 - Urban map covering all of the city centre inside the Ring Road plus local extensions outside. Used for major events
Crack’s Hill and Crick Forest 5,000 2000 - New map (by Richard Windsor) New map not yet used for events!
The Croft Preparatory School Sprint 4,000 2020 - New map - planned for "SEE" in April 2020 but postponed due to COVID restrictions. Possible use in 2021?
Daventry Country Park Forest 7,500    2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available POC map are extracts of the full map at enlarged scales
Daventry North - Urban ISSOM 5,000 2020 - NE Daventry including Daventry Country Park - needs updating to ISSprOM and to use the latest Daventry CP mapping.
Daventry South - Urban Sprint 4,000 2020 - New WIP map by Richard Gardner covering most of S Daventry from Borough Hill in the East to "The Grange" in the West.
Draycote Water Sprint 6,250 2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available. Totally new LiDAR-based map.
Elmdon Park Forest 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year.
Everdon Stubbs Forest 5,000 2019 - Do not use from March to May (daffodil and bluebell season). OK at other times.
Hartshill Hayes Forest 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Hawkesbury Sprint 5,000* 2020 AMR New area. "Informal parkland" on the former Hawkesbury Golf Course Joins with Miners Welfare Park map
Hay Wood Forest 10,000 2018 - Usable all year but some bracken in the summer. Significant recent thinning. Re-map required when LiDAR available.
Hillfield Park ISSOM 5,000  2007 - Usable all year. Old map using ISSOM rather than ISSprOM sprint spec.
Hinckley - Urban Sprint 4000 2020 - Large urban area covering a large area of Hinckley including Burbage to the SE. The area and map are shared with LEIOC.
Hopwas Forest 10,000 2014 - Not used since 2014 due to access issues. 
Itchington Holt Forest 7,500 2020 - Private woodland. No public access. Usable all year.
Kenilworth - Urban Sprint 4,000 2020 SMR Large urban area covering most of Kenilworth including Abbey Fields, the Castle & Kenilworth Common Woods
Kingsbury Water Park Forest 10,000 2020 - Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Malvern & Brueton Parks Sprint 4,000 2020 SMR Usable all year. A4 map of just Malvern Park, A3 of the full area
War Memorial Park Sprint 4,000 2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Miners Welfare Park Sprint 4,000 2020 SMR Usable all year. Joins with Hawkesbury map
National Herb Centre Sprint 4,000 2020 - Best used in the Winter or Spring.
Newbold Comyn Forest 10,000 2020 - New map - possible use in 2021 for WMR?
Nuneaton SE Sprint 5,000* 2020 - New map - possible use in 2021 for WMR?
Oversley Wood Forest 10,000 2020 - Usable all year. Deep undergrowth in places and recent forestry work
Pooley Fields Forest 7,500 2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Rough Close Sprint 5,000 2019 - Usable all year.
Rugby - Urban Sprint 4,000 2020 WMR Large urban area covering most of Rugby south of the WCML railway
Ryton Pools Country Park Sprint 7,500 2020 - Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Shuckburgh ISOM 7,500 2016 - Map by Phil Kirk - used once in 2016
St. Nicholas Park ISSOM 5,000 2020 SMR Usable all year. POC/VOC available
Sutton Park Forest 10,000 2018 - Usable all year. Very large wooded urban parkland. Suitable for major events
Thickthorn Forest 7,500 2020 - New wooded area near Kenilworth - possible use in 2021?
Tudor Grange Park Sprint 4,000 2019 - Usable all year.
University of Warwick Sprint 4,000 2020 - Usable all year. Large campus area that can also be split into Westwood, Central and Eastern campus and Western campus
Central Warwick ISSOM 5,000 2017 - ISSOM spec urban map covering most of Central Warwick including the Castle, Jubilee Woods (POC available), St Nicholas Park and Warwick School.
Woodcote Sprint 4,000 2020 - New map - possible use in 2021? No public access.

List of significant/previous OD areas that are not currently used:

(   ) = Approx date 0f last map or last use?

  • Wroxall Park (2017) combined with Hay Wood
  • Wedgenock (2015)
  • Wainbody Wood (2014)
  • Ragley Hall (2014)
  • Charlecote Park (2013)
  • Arley Wood (2011)
  • Oakley and Ashorne (2013)
  • Spiceball Park, Banbury (2013)
  • NAC Stoneleigh (2013)
  • Riversley Park, Nuneaton (2004)
  • Wyrley and Brownhills Common (2003)
  • Keresley Park
  • Tile Hill and Limbrick Woods
  • Hearsall Common
  • Crackley Woods
  • Cannon Park and Gibbet Hill Woods
  • Ragley Estate
  • Packington Deer Park
  • Swift Valley
  • Lang Farm Country Park
  • Sowe Valley
  • Stratford Recreation Ground
  • Wyken Slough

Possible new maps?

  • Allesley Park (no longer partial golf course)
  • Spernall Park & Bannam's Wood and other parts of the Heart of England forest
  • Grendon & Baddesley Common - awaiting new LiDAR data due Spring 2022

Map printing:

Orienteering map printing on waterproof paper is available from various external printers:

BML Print (Romsey, Hampshire)

Hassall & Lucking (Long Eaton, Nottingham) 

JG Mailing (Rugby)  Note that JG Mailing only offers orienteering map printing from pdf files - not direct from OCAD or Condes files.




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