The information below is out of date but is retained for historical reference.

The Coaching Sessions page is now updated for 2012 / 2013.





OD Talent Squad Update Autumn 2011

 The Talent Squad activities resume in September with informal technique coaching sessions at Saturday morning events and Wednesday evenings sessions. These are open to ALL members so please take advantage to practice any of your O techniques that are a bit rusty or that you never learned! 

Coaching dates below:

17th September Elmdon Park event - Also with OD Juniors

 15th October Kenilworth Common SME

 Wednesday Sessions:

 12th October “Map Geeking” of Longshaw (the area for the Compass Sport Cup Final) at KH8 School

 9th November Session for organisers to include use of EMIT download. Kenilworth Wardens Sports Club at 19:30

This is an ideal session for anyone who wishes to organise in the future, as a refresher for existing organisers, for those who are just curious, or just come along and be sociable! Session is free and open to all club members.

 Any ideas/requests for specific sessions or questions

Please contact Paul on


 Outline Plan


Venues and dates work in progress.




First aid course:


4hrs to cover UKCCL1 and club first aider requirement. (TBA)



Event officials:


Aim To be able to Plan/Organize/Control a local event



Organizing (Bob B)

Planning ( Barry E)

Planning (CONDES) (Pete G)

Controlling (TBA)

One event as a group in relevant role

Individual event in appropriate role.

Award = OD Event Official






Aim To be able to update an existing map using OCAD

Sessions to cover:

OCAD Basics

Base/importing maps


Editing graphic objects


Group update map after survey

Individual update nominated map

Award = OD Mapper





Aim -To be able to provide technical skills coaching under the guidance of a BOF qualified coach

Must be a technically competent GREEN standard orienteer.


Coaching 1 Day session.

Key elements from UKCCL1 (TBD)

+ Coaching the group exercise with group feedback

Award = OD Coaching Assistant


Club support for proceeding to full UKCCL1       and UKCCL2





Aim -To improve individual results by 10%


Wednesday evenings

1 session How to train (Sarah Hague tbc)

1 session How to run (Sheila Carey tbc)

1 session Heart rate monitors

1 session Diet and nutrition


Saturday Mornings/Wednesday evenings

Sessions on Technical skills:

Possibly physical training sessions

Compass and pacing

Attack points

Leg planning and flowing



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