Using MapRun and how it works

  • Start MapRun and tap Select Event and browse to the course in UK/Coventry and Warwickshire that you are looking for
  • or Tap Events Near Me to display a list of courses near your current location
  • Tap Go to Start to see the map and course (input the 4 digit PIN if necessary). 
  • Once the GPS is live, a dot will show your current position on the map.
  • Once the footer has gone Green, you need to run or walk through the Start to begin the course timer.
  • The app tracks your location & continually compares that location with the Latitude and Longitude of control locations contained in the Course File for the event
  • If the distance to a control is less that 15 metres, the app records a punch for that control
  • After at least one control has been visited, when you approach the Finish the app stops the timer and records that the finish has been visited.
  • Don’t approach the Finish until you really want to finish!
  • The “rules” for the event type are applied to determine a result. For a line course this includes checking that all the controls have been visited and in the correct sequence.
  • A result file and track are automatically uploaded to the MapRun server at the end of the run - if you have a data connection - or you can do it yourself later when you have data or WiFi. You can also send your results to Strava.
  • The result is merged with other results for this event and displayed on the phone and on the MapRun website.
  • You can compare your results with others on the same course, and view the route you took. (you may need the course PIN to do this on the website).
  • If you have failed to register at a control there are options in Maprun to claim a particular punch. For an explanation of how to do this see:.

Note that you can run just with any GPS watch and upload a GPX track for a result to be determined using

Some useful tips:

  • Make sure your phone has enough charge - GPS can be quite power hungry.
  • Make sure that your phone sleep settings won't close the app or GPS during your run
  • Ensure you have your sound turned up so you know when you've got to a control.
  • You don't need data/WiFi whilst you run - only to download the map beforehand, and to upload your result at the end.
  • A good tip is to download the map in the app before you leave home where you can use your WiFI.
  • Your result is saved to your phone, so can be uploaded at any point. Tap Show Results, select the required event and then the 3 lines on the app Header and selecting Upload (Manual)