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[-] Yellow (length 1.7km, 18 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Jurate Zokiditule Ind W21 21.36  
2 James Ingram   M10 21.57  
3 Florence Lunn OD W10 22.12  
4 Sam Leadley OD M14 23.24 2nd Run
5 Neil & Heather Pulham OD M/W40 23.29  
6 Lesley Allen Ind   25.13  
7 Lucy Burton   W12 25.38  
8 Edward Buckley/Amelia Luxmoore   M/W10 26.00  
9 Freya Lang OD   26.08  
10 Tabitha Lunn OD W10 30.44  
11 Chris Markham OD M10 31.13  
12 Eoin Hankinson OD M10 33.19  
13 Julian Hankinson   M40 33.20  
14 Caitlin Burton   W3 35.29  
15 Rupert Powell Ind M5 37.22  
16 Stephen Hickingbotham KH8   42.45  
17 Jason Adams     42.50  

[-] Short (length 3.1km, 24 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Pete Carey OD M70 38.35  
2 Sam Leadley OD M14 38.38  
3 Callum Pearman OD M14 40.42  
4 Henry Winser KH8 M16 40.42  
5 Rob Smart OD M45 41.16  
6 Tom Lea OD M18 43.22  
7 Henry Adams KH8 M16 43.26  
8 Felix Lunn OD M12 44.55  
9 Graham Thomas Ind M21 44.56  
10 Nicholas Buckley OD M14 47.08  
11 William Luxmoore OD M14 47.31  
12 Barnaby Winser KH8 M14 48.00 Approx
13 Janet Richardson OD W65 49.11  
14 Irene Rogers OD W60 53.21  
15 John Cherry OD M12 56.18  
16 Frances King OD W55 59.01  
17 Stan &Rachel Alexander OD M60/W55 60.47  
18 Daniel King KH8 M18 61.34  
19 Olivia James KH8   61.38  
20 Pippa Smart OD W12 64.00  
21 Daniel Hobbins KH8 M14 66.16  
22 Jenny Uff HOC W60 71.18  
  Oliver Lunn OD M12 33.28 1st half
  Nathanael Harding OD M14 40.35 1st half
  Yuhang Xie OD M16 40.40 1st half
  Oliver Smith OD M14 47.47 4m
  Asim Poptani OD M14 47.49 5m
  Michael Turner Ind M35   Ret

[-] Long (length 4.4km, 35 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Harrison McCartney OD M16 28.59  
2 Chris McCartney OD M45 30.57  
3 Andy Emmerson OD M55 34.16  
4 Ondrej Bajgar OD M21 37.04  
5 Suzanne Humphries OD W50 37.23  
6 John Embrey HOC M55 40.13  
7 Bob Brandon OD M65 40.30  
8 Allan McKinty HOC M35 42.36  
9 Liz Phillips OD W50 42.41  
10 Jeremy Knott OD M18 43.03  
11 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M21 45.04  
12 Andy Cherry OD M45 47.20  
13 Mike King OD M55 48.04  
14 Ian Prowse OD M60 49.27  
15 Chris Dwyer OD M60 53.03  
16 Steph Howarth OD W21 53.23  
17 John Ward OD M65 57.11  
18 John Middler OD M60 59.23  
19 Keith Willdig OD M65 60.30  
20 Phil Kirk OD M55 60.33  
21 John Bowman OD M70 64.30  
22 Richard Steel OD M50 66.25  
23 Margaret Willdig OD W60 67.09  
24 Lin Page OD W55 78.40  
25 Steven Eggleston Ind M50 79.09  
  Sheila Carey OD W65 56.24 wrong maze2
  Roman Kotecky OD M65 45.59 5m
  Julie & Ben Brooks OD W/M35 71.27 ret


Organiser’s Comments

Another good turnout for a Wednesday Evening event. Thanks to those competitors on the Long and Short (called Medium on the Map) courses who allowed me to recycle their map.

The weather was better than forecast and we only got a little wet putting out the controls – the holly bushes (guess you remember them) gave us cover when it did rain.

I hope you all enjoyed the Maze. It was meant to make you slow down to think but did not have much effect on Harrison and Ondrej who were fastest in the maze on the long course or Tom Lea who whizzed round it on the Short.

Thanks to Nadine for the initial idea and design and Bruce for completing it and patrolling you efforts.

I have tried to separate out the Maze times in the results starting from the run from the previous control to the one you went to after it. I thought it would let you know how well you would have done without it.

There were also several enthusiastic Yellow course runners who also completed the separate Maze course. Sorry I have not included any results but the timing got a bit chaotic in that area so thought it best to not have any results rather than miss people. The fastest I found was Freya Lang in 5.51Mins.

Thanks to my control collectors, Janet Richardson, Bob Brandon, John Middler and Irene Rogers.

Finally a special thanks to two non-orienteers

Nick Wright who helped put out all the controls and was behind the neatness of the Maze. He is really a golfer and you may have noticed the maze was held together with golf tees!

Sharon Maxted (Her daughters used to run for King Henry’s) without whom the event could have ground to a halt with so many competitors. It’s OK when people are just registering or downloading but in the middle trying to do both definitely needs two or more people especially to match the results with entry slips so we know when everyone is back.


Sue Hallett

 Click here for Results including Maze Times

 (10th May 2014: Typo on Sheila's time now corrected; 11th May 2014 more gratitude added to comments!)






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