Lincoln Urban, Coventry and amazing maize results.

Orienteering around Lincoln City at the East Midlands Urban League event attracted several OD members. Mike Snell M60 was 8th in 45.09min on the 5.73km Mens Super Vet course and Keith Willdig M65 was 6th in 37.58mins and Mike Hampton M70 10th in 39.21mins on the Mens Ultra Vet 4.35km course. Margaret Willdig W65 was 3rd in 40.03mins, Sue Bicknell W70 8th in 42.19mins and Sue Hallett W70 9th in 42.47mins on the Womens Ultra Vet 3.49km course.

The Maize Maze orienteering challenge at Elton Farm, near Gloucester, is always a novel attraction, and this location was used as the Chairman’s annual Challenge for North Gloucester Orienteering Club. The maze theme this year was Pirates – a skull and cross bones, a ship and a pirate of course. There were several different courses and prizes were awarded in various categories and both Liz Phillips W50 in 21.11mins and Felix Lunn M16 in 15.56mins came away with prizes on the Linear 2 course, finding the 13 controls in the maze with an optimal distance of 2.5km.

The club welcomed many new orienteers to Memorial Park, Coventry, and organiser Chris Dwyer planned 4 courses to suit beginners and experienced competitors. The short easy 1.9km course with 12 controls placed around the park was won by new junior Finn Prince M12 in 20.58mins. Damien Dear M21, also a first timer easily won the Short Sprint 2.5km course finding the 16 controls in 13.33mins. Mike Snell M60 was 1st on the Medium 3.4km course in 22.02mins, Matt Bambrook M14 was 2nd in 24.54mins and Liz Phillips W50 was 3rd in 26.49mins. The 45 mins score, find as many controls in the time limit, was won by Alistair Landels M50, Damien Dear M21 was 2nd and Rob Bambrook M45 3rd.

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