The 50th November Classic took place in Hampshire this weekend. On Saturday there was an Urban event around Southampton City and on Sunday the November Classic was held at Highland Water, near Lyndhurst. This very special weekend attracted over 1500 entries from around the UK.

At the city race Hilary Simpson W75 was 3rd on the Hyper Vet 3.3km course in 45.54mins and Keith Willdig M65 was 10th placed runner from a field of 60 on the Mens Ultra Vet 4.05km course in 29.17mins.

At the November Classic 1st place on the W40L 7.675km course went to Anne Straube W40, who took 61.32mins and Lesley Ross W50 was 2nd in 70.56mins on the same course. Harrison McCartney M20 was 2nd on the Mens M21 Elite course, in 97.55mins on the longest course,16.7km, only 1.26mins behind University of Bristolā€™s Ben Mitchell M21. Hilary Simpson W75 was 2nd in 74.44mins on the 4.025km course.

Other top ten positions by Octavian Droober runners in their respective age classes were:
Barry Elkington M60 4th in 62.51mins on the 8.05km course, Trevor Simpson M75 4th in 85.18mins on the 5.425km course, Tabitha Lunn W14 6th in 58.04mins and Florence Lunn W14 7th in 66.03mins both on the 4.225km course, Oliver Lunn M16 was 6th in 63.39mins on the 8.05km course and Max Straube-Roth M10 9th 31.59mins on the 2.25km course. On the short age class courses John Middler M65 8th 76.12mins on the 4.925km course, Phil Kirk M60 9th 82.49mins on the 5.425km course and Mel Elkington 10th W55 94.53mins on the 4.025km course.

7th November 2017

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