The popularity of running in urban races, through residential and public areas including surrounding parkland, to find controls strategically placed, is growing in popularity. The running is fast and is appealing to both park and cross-country runners who are looking for new challenges.

The third, from a series of 4 West Midlands Urban League events,  was organised by Walton Chasers around Heath Hayes, close to Cannock, and attracted 100 competitors who chose courses ranging from 8.5km to 2.2km, according to age and ability. Mike Snell M60 was top OD coming in 6th on the 8.5km Mens Open course taking 64.46mins to find 25 controls. Chris McCartney M45 was 1st on the M40+ 7km course, with 18 controls, in 42.44mins and Andy Emmerson M60 6th in 54.06mins. On the Womens Open 7km course, Lesley Ross W50 was 4th in 56.33mins. Keith Willdig M65 was 3rd in 38.53mins, Peter Carey M70 was 5th in 40.35mins and Mike Hampton M70 6th in 44.59mins on the M65+ 4.4km course.

Max Straube-Roth M10 was 3rd on the M12 and under course, taking 48.21mins on the 2.2km course. On the W40+ 5.5km course Anne Straube W40 was 2nd in 41.37mins, Liz Phillips W50 5th in 46.48mins and Jill Emmerson W50 was 7th 50.12mins. Sheila Carey W70 was 4th in 40.29mins on the W55+ 4.4km course, and Margaret Willdig W60 7th in 47.36mins. Hilary May W60 was 3rd on the 3.6km course taking 65.09mins.

After 3 races in the W. Midlands Urban League top places have been gained by OD club members: Mens Open – 2nd David Chandler, Veteran Men 40+ - 1st Chris McCartney, Veteran Women 40+ - 4th Liz Phillips, Super Vet Women 55+ - 2nd Margaret Willdig and 3rd Sheila Carey, Mens Ultra Vet 65+ - 2nd Peter Carey and 3rd Mike Hampton.

The Bentley Wood, near Atherstone, mid-week event, proved very popular, due no doubt to several factors, the woods are beautiful, it was half term and that the event centre was at a brewery. Organisers Stan and Rachel Alexander welcomed 90 including several newcomers and planned 4 challenging courses.  International Orienteer Will Gardner M21 was 1st on the longest Blue 5.8km Course taking 36.35mins, well ahead of Chris McCartney M45 2nd in 46.57mins and Oliver Lunn M16 49.57mins.   Richard Gardner M60 was 1st in 41.29mins, Bruce Bryant M60 2nd in 42.15min and Andy White M60 from Harlequins 3rd in 49.33mins on the Green 4.2km course. Tim Law M21 was 1st in 37.36mins, Sam Chambers W21 2nd in 41.22mins and Tabitha Lunn W14 3rd in 44.13mins on the 3.6km Orange course. Finn Flippance M12 was 1st in 20.16mins, newcomers Joshua Toms M21 2nd and Charlotte Hubert W21 3rd in 26.08mins on the Yellow 2.1km course.

  6th June 2017

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