London City & Leicester

Saturday afternoon saw over 1000 competitors pounding the streets of London searching for control points. This proved popular with several club members including some great runs by club juniors. Harrison McCartney was the first M18 on the Men’s Elite 9.0km course in a time of 53.09 minutes. Pippa Smart W14 was 2nd in her age group on the Junior course 3.0km course taking 26.45min while younger sister Josie was 4th on her course.

They then returned home to join other youngsters from the club to take part in the Peter Palmer relays in Leicestershire. Starting at 5 am on Sunday morning the Droober first team of 6 with some outstanding performances finished third in their race for the handicap trophy. The second less experienced team all ran well but were beaten by more experienced teams.

13th Sept 2016