Congratulations to junior orienteer, Oliver Lunn M14 who has been selected to represent England at Interland. The England Orienteering Council have so far confirmed that two Octavian Droobers Oliver and Lesley Ross W45, a successful international orienteer, will be going to Antwerp, Belgium to the annual Interland Cup, between Belgium, Netherlands, NE France and England, on 21 February next year. Oliver’s debut appearance for his country comes after successfully competing at 4 autumn selection races.

Club Champions 2015

At the annual Christmas party club champions were announced and presented with mementoes:

Boys under 12 Yellow course Joel Taylor and Handicap winner Thomas Chapple

Boys under 12 Orange course Cameron Williams-Stein and Handicap Peter Markham

Junior Men M14 and M16 Felix Lunn, Handicap Oliver Lunn

Intermediate Men M18 and M20 Stephen Elkington, Handicap Guy Ross

Open Men Harrison McCartney, Handicap Aleksandrs Ivanovs

Senior Men M40 and M45 Chris McCartney, Handicap Daniel Roth

Veteran Men M50 and M55 Andy Emmerson, Handicap Kevin Ross

Vintage Men M60 and M65 Robert Brandon, Handicap Stephen Bates

Super Vintage Men M70 and over Peter Carey, Handicap John Bowman

Girls under 12 Orange course Florence Lunn, Handicap Tabitha Lunn

Open Women Kirsten Strain, Handicap Jill Emmerson

Senior Women W40 and W45 Lesley Ross, Handicap Anne Straube

Veteran Women W50 and W55 Liz Phillips, Handicap Suzanne Harding

Vintage Women W60 and W65 Sheila Carey, Handicap Margaret Willdig

Super Vintage Women W70 and over Hilary Simpson, Handicap Sue Bicknell






After the Christmas festivities a great day out was had by club members and visitors at the annual Christmas Relays. The organisers, the Smart and Lunn families were especially pleased that there was no rain although the going underfoot was pretty muddy and flooded areas were marked so as to be avoided.

Competitors had the option of forming teams to run the 4 legs or going it alone.  The overall handicap winner was Harrison McCartney M18 who completed all four legs in a time of 52.08 minutes over the total distance of 9.8km.  Matt Elkington M20 was the fastest solo performer taking 51.31mins and the  junior competition was won by the twin pairs of  Tabitha and Florence Lunn W12 running with Rachel and Julie Emmerson W20.   

29th Dec 2015

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