A large team of 60 club members competed in the historic Sherwood Forest in the Midland Championships and for the Robin Hood Trophy. This is the first time that the club has won the Trophy which is awarded annually to the club with the lowest total score calculated by 1 point for the winner on each course and 2 for the second etc. Octavian Droobers score of 175 was well ahead of nearest rivals Manchester and District’s 230 and Derwent Valley’s 235 points. Congratulations to OD’s Robin Hood Trophy score contributors who were Riina Kuuselo W35, Julie Emmerson W18, Suzanne Humphries W45, Aimee Morse W16, Sheila Carey W65, Ella-Rose McCartney W14, Matthew Elkington M18, David Lawson M50, Andy Emmerson M55, Harrison McCartney M16, Mike Hampton M65 and Roger Hailey M75.

Midland Championships were awarded to the best runners in their age classes from clubs in the West Midlands, East Midlands and across East Anglia. Octavian Droobers members won 9 of these titles: Harrison McCartney M16 taking 50.58mins, Matthew Elkington M18 75.19mins, David Lawson M50 69.34mins, Mike Hampton M65 58.03mins, Roger Hailey M75 56.02mins, Julie Emmerson W18 60.06mins, Helen Elkington W20 104.28mins, Riina Kuuselo W21 and Lesley Ross W40 68.19mins.

Top three places were achieved by Nathan Lawson M16 2nd, Chris McCartney M40 3rd, Andy Emmerson M55 3rd, Aimee Morse W16 2nd Heather Rogers W16 3rd, Harriet Lawson W18 2nd, Anne Straube W35 2nd, Suzanne Humphries W45 3rd and Sheila Carey W65 2nd.



Barry Elkington with the Robin Hood Trophy awarded to the club.

5th February 2013

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