Club members competed in the London Weekend event which included the 5th City of London Race and the Southern Orienteering Championships in Epping Forest. The weekend got off to a flying start with a fast and furious Epping Forest Friday warm up event to find 24 controls in the correct order on a 2.4k course and John Middler M60 came second in 52.18mins.

The City of London Urban race was very popular with over 1200 competitors of all ages from all over Europe running through the West side of the City with start and finish close by the historic Inner and Middle Temple Inns of Court. Longer courses visited the multi level Barbican Centre and others went around St Pauls Cathedral, the Stock Exchange and the Old Bailey, down narrow alleyways, underground through tunnels and along covered walkways.

On the Women’s Elite 7.7k course visiting 25 check points Sophie Kirk W20 came 4th in 55.02mins, just over 3mins behind the winner. Julie Emmerson W16 came 5th from a field of 96 on the Women’s Open 6.3k course in 46.37mins 4 minutes behind an international Finnish visiting competitor. Mike Hampton M65 was placed 10th out of 134 runners on the Men’s Ultra Vet 60 + course clocking up 43.07 mins. Other good runs: Alan Segar M35 23 out of 129 on the Men’s Open 7.9 course in 1.02.51mins only 7 mins behind leader and Liz Phillips W45 25 out of 91 entrants on the Women’s Vet 40+ 5.6k course in 50.56mins.

The sunny Saturday gave way to a very wet Sunday Southern championships in the ancient woodlands of Epping Forest. The large overseas entry meant competition was tough but Julie Emmerson W16, Matt Elkington M18 and Emma Kettley W20 all won their races although as midland club members they were ineligible to claim Championship titles.

On the W16 Long 6.02k course Julie Emmerson took 51.45min and Aimee Morse came 2nd in 56.18mins. Matt Elkington won the 11.8k M18 Elite class in 84.03mins and Emma Kettley the W20 Elite 8.2k course in 83.55mins. Ella-Rose McCartney came 3rd on the W12A 3.37k course in 47.42mins. Sheila Carey came 2nd on the W65L 5.21k course in 71.05mins, Sophie Kirk came 4th on the W21 Elite 10.75k course in 87.26mins and Mike Hampton was also 4th on the 7.12k M65Long course in 66.33mins.

Also on Sunday several club members competed in the West Midlands League event held at Swynnerton organised by the Potteries Orienteering Club. On the longest course, Brown 7.5k with 180metres of climb Tom Jeffries M40 came 2nd in 65.18mins two minutes behind the winner. Rachel Johnson W16 came 3rd on the Orange 2.7k course in 52.03mins. Roger Hailey M75 was 5th in 57.43mins and John Bowman M70 6th in 61.10mins on the Short Green 3.6k course. Suzanne Humphries W45 was 6th in 61.20mins on the Green 4.3k course.

25th September 2012

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