A cold crisp morning at Brandon Woods was the setting for a great event organised by Janet Richardson, Frank Smith and Bob Brandon. A large attendance by members and some very new members has added some new names to trophies which will be presented at the annual Xmas party on 21 December.

Alfie Bullus was the winner of the M12 and under club championships and Oliver Smith was the Handicap winner. Junior Men M14/M16 winner was Matt Elkington with brother Stephen winning the handicap. New member Ryan Wilson won the Intermediate M18/M20 class. Will Gardner won the Open Men's class and Tom Jeffries the handicap. Senior men's trophy winner M40/45 was Chris McCartney and handicap prize went to Bill Nicolson. Barry Elkington won the Veteran Men M50/M55 category and John Middler the handicap. Bob Brandon won the Vintage Men M60/65 trophy and Chris Dwyer the handicap prize. M70 and over class trophy for super vintage men was won by John Wright and Kim won the handicap prize.

Winner of the girls 12 and under trophy was new member Emily Moore, Rachel Emmerson won the W14/W16 and Emma Kettley the Intermediate Women W18/W20 trophies. Julie Emmerson won the Open women’s event with Stephanie Ellis-Gray winning the handicap prize. Liz Phillips won the Senior Women W40/45 trophy and Jane Hastings the Veteran Women W50/55 trophy with Margaret Willdig being awarded the handicap prize. Sheila Carey won the Vintage W60/65 trophy, Sue Bicknell was handicap prize winner and Hilary Simpson won the Super Vintage Women’s trophy for W70 and over.

The regional event in the Wyre Forest held by Harlequins Orienteering Club at Hawkbatch, near Bewdley in Worcestershire was well attended by Octavian Droober club members. It was the last event in the West Midlands league and the club were comfortably ahead prior to this event.

The forest is known for its tough terrain and coupled with a fair amount of rain club members achieved some good results. On the long Brown 8.8k course with 210m climb Alan Segar came 1st in the M35 class in 1.23.54mins. On the same course young Harrison McCartney M14 did exceptionally well coming 9th overall in a time of 1.15.18mins. Barry Elkington M55 came 3rd on the Blue 6.9k course in 1.04.09mins and Anne Straube W35 5th in 1.06.34mins. On the Green 4.6k course Julie Emmerson W16 was 1st overall in a time of 42.38mins and Mike Hampton M60 was 3rd in 48.01mins. John Bowman M65 was 2nd on the Short Green 3.8k course in 1.00.37mins and Stephen Elkington M14 won the Light Green 4.2k course in 45.18mins. Alfie Bullus was 2nd on the Orange 2.9k course in 1.04.21mins and Sue Bowman W65 3rd in 1.08.20mins.

13th December 2011

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