Ted Norrish Trophy

This trophy was donated by the Club’s founder and is awarded annually at the Club Dinner. It is awarded to a member who has made an outstanding contribution during the year. This can be based on outstanding competitive results, service to the club in the year, or a combination of both; long-term service to the club is a further criterion.

Nominations are required for this.


Bob’s Dad’s Trophy

Donated by Bob Carey Senior to be awarded to the Club junior member who has achieved the most outstanding result or set of results during the year, particularly in respect of such events as the JK and British. Representing England/Great Britain at international level is a further criterion. Nominations are required for this trophy, which is presented at the Christmas party.


Jennifer Haw Memorial Shield

Donated by the Haw family in memory of junior club member, Jennifer who died from Leukaemia in 1995. This is awarded to the club junior who has achieved the highest cumulative West Midlands League score.i.e. Their scores at all the events added together. This excludes the winner of Bob’s Dad’s Trophy. This trophy is presented at the Christmas party.


Tony Haw Memorial Cup

Donated in 2002 by Ginny and Debbie Haw in memory of Club member, Tony. This is awarded on the basis of the Handicap results from the Score event held to raise money for the charity "Blood Cancer UK" (renamed from the Leukaemia Research Trust). This trophy is presented at the Christmas Party.

Tony Haw Charity Score Competition Rules are available here.


 Club Championship Trophies

These are awarded annually at the Christmas Party to the winners of the Club Championships. There is also a small banner for each winner and one for the winner of the Handicap Trophy. The Handicaps are based on performances by club members at West Midlands orienteering events over the year.

OD Club Championships Rules 2013 (MS Word .doc format) are available here.

2019 Handicaps are available on the event details page . (contact Kevin Ross with any queries.)



Category Age Class Course Colour
Boys M12 & under Yellow
Girls W12 & under  Yellow
Junior Men M14 & M16 Light Green
Junior Women W14 & W16 Light Green
Intermediate Men M18 & M20 Blue
Intermediate Women W18 & W20 Green
Open Men Any M Brown
Open Women Any W Blue
Senior Men M40 & M45 Blue
Senior Women W40 & W45 Green
Veteran Men M50 & M55 Blue
Veteran Women W50 & W55 Green
Vintage Men M60 & M65 Green
Vintage Women W60 & W65 Short Green
Super Vintage Men M70+ Short Green
Super Vintage Women W70+ Short Green


Competitors must run in either their own age group or the open to be eligible.

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