Donated by the Haw family in memory of junior club member, Jennifer who died in 1995. Awarded to the club junior member who accumulates the most points across all the events in the West Midlands league (but excluding the winner of the Bob's Dad's Trophy)

The trophy is awarded at the club Christmas party in December.

2022 Max Straube-Roth
2021 Rupert Powell
2020 No competition
2019 Matthew Bambrook
2018 Max Straube-Roth
2017 Josie Smart
2016 Finley Flippance
2015 Sam Leadley
2014 Stephen Elkington
2013 Stephen Elkington
2012 Stephen Elkington
2011 Stephen Elkington
2010 Stephen Elkington
2009 Heather Rogers
2008 Hamish Rogers
2007 Harrison McCartney
2006 Matthew Morris
2005 Helen Elkington
2004 Matthew Elkington
2003 Ben Ross
2002 Helen Elkington
2001 Helen Elkington
2000 Steven Dwyer
1999 James Furness
1998 Richard Guillaume
1997 Stephen Feltbower
1996 Anthony Cross
1995 Mark Bates
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