Donated in 2002 by Ginny and Debbie Haw in memory of club member, Tony. This is awarded on the basis of the Handicap results from the score event held to raise money for the Leukaemia Research Trust. The Cup is presented at the club Christmas party in December.

2022 Bruce Bryant
2021 Barry Elkington
2020 No competition
2019 Barry Elkington
2018 Alistair Landels
2017 Alistair Landels
2016 Oliver Lunn
2015 Lizbeth Phillips
2014 Barry Elkington
2013 Barry Elkington
2012 Mike Hampton
2011 Barry Elkington
2010 William Gardner
2009 Matthew Elkington
2008 Lesley Ross
2007 Matthew Elkington
2006 Stephen Elkington
2005 Matthew Elkington
2004 Barry Elkington
2003 Helen Elkington
2002 Barry Elkington