Donated by the club's founder, and awarded to a member who has made an outstanding contribution during the year. This can be based on outstanding competition results, service to the club or a combination of both. Long term service to the club is a further criterion. Nominations are made by members to the Club Secretary by 1st December in any year. The trophy is awarded at the Annual Dinner (usually held in February or March).

2021 Margaret Willdig
2020 Bruce Bryant
2019 Sheila Carey
2018 Liz Phillips
2017 Melanie Elkington
2016 Sue Hallett
2015 Andy Emmerson
2014 John Middler
2013 Karin Kirk
2012 Richard Gardner
2011 Sue Bicknell
2010 John Bowman
2009 Carolyn Marr
2008 Iain Embrey
2007 Alan Halliday
2006 Martin Cross
2005 Peter Guillaume
2004 Frank Smith
2003 Greta Shields
2002 Paul Furness
2001 Miranda and Ulli
2000 Steve Bates
1999 Jane Halliday
1998 Bruce Bryant
1997 Bob Brandon
1996 T & H Simpson
1995 Tony Haw
1994 Mike Hampton
1993 Peter Guillaume
1992 Barry Elkington
1991 Maureen Chapman
1990 N/A
1989 Terry Foxton
1988 Bob Carey
1987 Pip Skinner
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