Click HERE for a PDF of the results. Page 1=Team Order, Page 2=Time Order, Page 3=Finish Order      DQ/DNS highlighted in Grey

Click HERE for a pdf of leg results

Link to Winsplits:  Split times, WinSplits Online 

Planner's  comments:

Thanks for all the compliments for today's courses, Rough Close is always a fun place to set courses, both easy and difficult.  There is an abundance of well mapped ditches and holly bushes, which along with the vague leafy paths make setting some nice challenging legs very easy.  I was pleased to have tripped up a few of you who may have been running a little too fast for the navigation required.  Part of the challenge I set for myself today was to try and plan 4 individual courses with no common controls, the original draft even had four different last controls, however on receipt of the equipment I realised I only had 69 controls to play with, so kept two in reserve for mishaps, resulting in 67 flags in the woods today.  I used most of those usual techniques of varying leg length and designing legs which would force you to make an effort to stay on line.  I also tried to vary the direction between the various parts of the courses so you hopefully didn't run through the same stretch of woods more than once, even with map changes and running multiple courses.  

A big thanks to Bruce as per usual who accepted my usual dozen or so map corrections and fixed all the printing and even extra courses for control placement/collection.  Thanks also to Bob, Mel for fixing all the relay and event logistics; and Sue, Nadine and Graham too.  And lastly to my control collectors Alistair, Juliette and son Mikael.


Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming along to Rough Close today.  The rain did not dampen your enthusiasm for the excellent courses put on by Alistair.
The Scout Activity Centre were most supportive of the event. Thank you for leaving the rooms clean and tidy.
Mel is brilliant, transforming your entries into the 'OD Christmas Relays' spreadsheet, which makes the timing so efficient.  Graham as ever on hand with additional technical support.  In the kitchen Sue prepared the welcome hot meal, assisted by serving wench Nadine.
We look forward to seeing you all next Christmas.


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