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Results are also on British Orienteering results

Controller's comments:

I very much enjoyed working with Richard the planner and Bruce the mapper/CONDES driver.  I am glad we got a good turnout which made the huge effort put in by both worthwhile - I wonder how close we got to a 1:1 ratio of planner/mapper/controller hours to total competitor running time? 
Seeing so many keen starters on the WHITE and INDs from Warwick University having a stab at a BROWN for their first event but still finishing with a smile was great. 

David Williams (HOC)

Organiser's comments:

A big than you to all ODs who helped, especially those who did not get a run. It was greatly appreciated to have so many  people volunteering that I had some spares to count on when others dropped out due to various circumstances.
Also a big thank you to the “backroom” members who do a lot more before the event and after especially Bruce Bryant for all things map related, including the map of the assembly set up in the Final details which he did from a terrible sketch map of mine, and who also did the loading to the website of all my stuff with some useful changes, and Graham Urquhart for all things computer related.
Luckily the day went off very well with the weather being reasonably kind and the road closures not having too much of an affect.
Due to  COVID we have started using Fabian4 for all pre-entries and this gives us two advantages, we can more nearly predict the number of maps we need resulting in less wastage, and there is a lot less manpower required on the day. Unfortunately, there are still some people who have not gotten used to pre-entering by the closing date, even though it is more the norm since COVID and have requested late entries. This does make for a lot more work for the organisers and others so please try and remember to pre-enter. I know it is not always possible to pre-enter, but if you must ask for a late entry, please include all your details in the original email so it reduces the amount of email correspondence required. 

Thelma Spalton


Planner's comments:

This was our third attempt to put on an event in Brandon due to Covid. I am not sure how many hours I put into planning the event but it must easily be a record for me. 
I would like to thank the controller David Williams for his very helpful and constructive advice in the planning process and moral support on the day. My planning was helped by the excellent map provided by Bruce Bryant who tolerated 18 months of requests for mapping updates with enthusiasm. The change of hands of the area to the Nature Trust combined with the Friends of Brandon meant constant resurveying was necessary.  
It was very reassuring to have so many positive comments about the courses at the finish. Piles Coppice is always a lovely area to run through, some bits of Brandon Wood are good and there is always the challenge of the old quarry to the east. I think many newcomers to area were pleasantly surprised how good an area it is.
Thanks to Thelma for organising, always a thankless task. Alistair, Juliette, David, Pete and Sheila for control collecting. A big help at the end of a long weekend. 
Also thank you for Karin Kirk to encouraging so many White entries, such a change to the normal 2 or 3. It was lovely to see so many children enjoy our marvellous sport. Lastly thank you to Sian and Rob for their patience and help. 

Richard Gardner 

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