Click here for a PDF of the Abbey Fields results.. For a breakdown of the Sums Score control sequences.see here

The results for the Urban Long are here To view the tracks the PIN is 2604

The results for the Urban Short are here To view the tracks the PIN is 2082

Link to Routegadget for the Urban courses: Please upload your GPX track so we can compare route choices

Planner's notes:

Planning a MapRun course is so easy these days and much less work for all involved (except Bruce who has to tidy it all up and sort it to upload and get maps printed! Many thanks Bruce!). I actually based the Urban courses on the ones I had planned already for May last year and just made a few changes to take account for MapRun specifics and check for any map corrections. Feedback on the courses was good so thank you very much for that. I would strongly recommend using MapRun for most local Wednesday evening and Saturday morning events if possible - it avoids vandalism!

Thank you also to John for being available to help.

    Tony Feltbower

Mykyta's Abbey Fields comments here


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