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[-] Yellow (Length 1.1km, 11 controls)

Position Name Age Class Time Notes
1 Yijiang Wang M8 12:34  
2 John Bowman M75 13:56  
3 Jessica Hardwick W8 14:23  
4 Cameron Wood M7 W10 25:26  
5 Ben Chace/Lewis Cook M9 25:29  
6 Luna Kennedy-Pearce W10 28:10  
7 Ben Binks M9 30:03  
8 Kathryn/Maya Thomas W40 W5 30:12  
  Daniel Gartside M9 Inc m6
  Jo Stacey Rebecca Juniors Inc m1,3,4,6,8-10

[-] Orange (Length 2.0km, 19 controls)

Position Name Age Class Time Notes
1 Craig Thompson M10 22:27  
2 Isla/Fin Prince W13 M12 23:48  
3 Max Straube-Roth M10 24:03  
4 Eden Bratt, Jonathan Jilks M13 W12 29:08  
5 Steve Stacey M21 31:10  
6 Rhys Caie M12 32:46  
7 Kim M80 37:08  
8 Owen Griffiths M8 40:16  
9 Ethan Griffiths M10 40:17  
10 Karl Arthur   58:34  
  Robert Brown M62 Inc m1,13-19,F
  Penny Griffiths W40 Emit Fail m1-8

[-] Light Green (Length 3.1km, 24 controls)

Position Name Age Class Time Notes
1 Kathryn Heppinstall W45 33:48  
2 Stephanie/Michael Norchi W21 34:55  
3 Phil May M65 37:13  
4 John Middler M65 38:19  
5 Leo Morgado M45 38:24  
6 Lin Page W60 40:22  
7 Lorrain Saunders, Kay Downes W45 1:26:36  
  Charlotte Clarke-Bland W30 Emit Fail  

[-] Green (Length 4.2km, 29 controls)

Position Name Age Class Time Notes
1 Kin Wai Lee M21 30:59  
2 Mat Rupasinha M21 31:22  
3 Anne Straube W40 32:07  
4 Karen Thompson W50 41:15  
5 Matt Bambrook M16 47:53  
6 Andy Howman M40 51:09  
7 Catherine Walker W21 51:26  
8 Chris Dwyer M65 52:16  
9 Don Locke M80 57:19  
10 John Ward M70 1:06:56  
  Peter Carlili M60 Inc m finish
  Ka Man Leung W21 Emit Fail  


Organiser's comments:

Thank you everyone for taking part in our event today in the glorious sunshine. A big welcome to the eager orienteers from Balsall Common Prep School, who had done extremely well on the Yellow course, especially those who had not orienteered before. Also a warm welcome to Don Locke, a former OD club secretary, travelling all the way from New Zealand to take part in this event. Apologies to a couple of people who experienced Emit failure today, and was unable to get an accurate result for their efforts. 

Huge thanks to Andy Emmerson and Octavia Wisbey for greeting beginners and start them on their orienteering adventures. 

Finally, a big thank you to Anne Straube, Max Straube-Roth and Matt Bambrook for their help in collecting controls. Also thank you to John Middler for staying behind and taking the orienteering kit away for the Tony Haw Score event in a fortnightā€™s time. We wish him and Dave Chandler all the best in their upcoming event. 


The Oxtoby family 

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