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[-] Short (Length 1.3km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Eoin Simpson LEI M10 10:05  
2 Ellie Simpson LEI W12 11:14  
3 Max Strabe- Roth OD M10 14:00  
4 John Bowman OD M75 14:45  
5 Breda oDonavan CorkO W70 19:44  
6 Holly Turner     20:45  
7 Skye and Samuel Pearson   W10, M5 25:57  

[-] Medium (Length 3.3km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Jacob Oxtoby OD M16 26:03  
2 Bruce Bryant OD M60 26:18  
3 Peter Carey OD M75 29:29  
4 Mike Hampton OD M70 34:27  
5 Sheila Carey OD W70 35:01  
6 Eoin Hankinson OD W16 36:10  
7 Kevin Gallagher LEI M70 36:41  
8 Harriet Lawson and Luke Cowap OD W21/M21 37:47  
9 Hilary Palmer NOC W70 38:53  
10 Kerrie Flipance OD W40 41:48  
11 Barry Mcgowan HOC M70 43:35  
12 Margaret Willdig OD W65 45:34  
13 John Palmer NOC M70 45:50  
14 John Middler OD M65 46:01  
15 Adam Landels OD M10 49:34  
16 Peter Leake LEI M80 51:18  
17 Ernie Williams LEI M75 01:06:23  
18 Jean Nuonan   W60 01:26:52  
  Greg Harris OD M40 40:55 wrong no 7,8
  Viv Lawson OD W50 44:52 mp no 9
  Maureen Webb LEI W65 45:26 mp no.13
  Jim O'Donavan CorkO M70 55:09 mp no1
  Mel Gould   W14   Rtd

[-] Long (Length 5.5km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
Name Club Age class Time Notes  
1 William Gardner OD M21 29:14  
2 Duncan Birtwistle OD M21 30:17  
3 Oliver Flippance OD M18 32:28  
4 Ka Man Leung/ Kin Wai Lee OD M/W21 33:54  
5 Rob Bambrook OD M45 35:35  
6 David Lawson OD M55 37:56  
7 Andy Emmerson OD M60 39:10  
8 Anne Straube OD W40 39:49  
9 David Oxtoby OD M45 40:50  
10 Nicholas George   M45 44:27  
11 Toni O'Donavan LEI W40 45:19  
12 Mike Snell OD M60 45:47  
13 John Robinson WCH M65 47:10  
14 Russel Finch SWOC M50 49:11  
15 Johnathan Howell WCH M65 50:30  
16 Ben Flippance OD M40 51:03  
17 David Chandler OD M21 51:06  
18 Tony Feltbower Od M65 51:52  
19 Keith Willdig OD M70 52:26  
20 Juliette Soulard OD W45 54:07  
21 OrientBeers OD M/W21 55:23  
22 Bob Brandon OD M70 57:02  
23 Aaron Medele OD M21 59:17  
24 James Gould   M12 01:04:24  
25 John Marriott LEI M70 01:16:28  
  John Duckworth DVO M50    
  Denlz Germen   M21 26:00 missing 12-31


Organisers' comments:

In spite of some unseasonal weather we were pleased to see such a good turnout for the event. We hope you all enjoyed the courses if not the soaking we all got ! Apologies for control 132 which malfunctioned on the night, we have adjusted the results so no one is penalised by this. Thanks for every bodies patience during registration and download during the intermittent downpours, this did make the paperwork more exciting for Tabitha & Florence. Thank you to David and Jacob Oxtoby for helping collect controls (by this time it was dark, wet and cold !). Thanks also to Karin for her support and encouragement for the newcomers we saw on the night.

Oliver Lunn & Felix Lunn

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