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[-] Short (Length 1.7km, 14 controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Roger Halley OD M80 20.07  
2 Melanie Gould   W14 25.07  
3 Elizabeth Dyke   W10 25.26  
4 Rufus Harries OD M10 25.49  
5 John Bowman OD M75 26.52  
6 Diana Hailey OD M75 32.00  

[-] Medium (Length 3.2km, 20 controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Anne Straube OD W40 26.19  
2 Paul Quinney   M40 27.09  
3 Tabitha Lunn OD W16 30.24  
4 John Cherry OD M18 32.07  
5 Joe Quinney OD M14 32.26  
6 Ben Crone OD M25 32.59  
7 Florence Lunn OD W16 34.15  
8= Graham Horrocks NWO M55 34.32  
8= Philip Lunn OD M50 34.32  
10 Virginia Lapendry   W35 35.53  
11 Mike Baggott OD M65 35.59  
12 James Gould   M12 36.34  
13 Liz Cherry OD W45 37.18  
14 John Pearson HOC M70 37.44  
15 Aaron Madeley OD M21 44.56  
16 Janet Richardson OD W70 46.20  
17 John Middler OD M65 46.26  
18 ‘Taves Tortoises’ OD M21/W21 46.36  
19 James Hunt OD M16 46.41  
20 Sue Hallett OD W70 48.07  
21 Isla Prince OD W14 48.33  
22 John Burrows KERNO M75 55.28  
23 Robert Vickers HOC M75 59.46  
24 Adam Landels OD M10 60.11  

[-] Long (Length 5.5km, 29 controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 William Gardner OD M21 27.25  
2 Kin Wai Lee OD M21 38.17  
3 Kevin Stephens NWO M45 40.33  
4 Russell Finch SWOC M50 40.41  
5 Jon Forster SOL M50 42.26  
6 David Oxtoby OD M45 43.12  
7 Jacob Oxtoby OD M16 46.03  
8 Nadine Wright OD M21 46.19  
9 Peter Langmead HOC M50 46.44  
10 David Chandler OD M21 46.58  
11 Richard Perry OD M45 49.12  
12 John Smith OD M55 49.34  
13 Luke Cherry OD M16 50.42  
14 Bob Brandon OD M70 55.39  
15 Michelle Oxtoby OD W45 58.32  
N/C Ben Crone OD M21 38.45 Ran medium course earlier
  Richard Hunt   M45 38.57 M3 and 29
  Rob Bambrook OD M45 40.30 M29
  Will Barber   M21 44.26 M29 , 21 wrong control
  Ka Man Leung OD M21 49.45 Emit failure
  Anthony Brown   M21 63.10 M25-29 , 8-9 Wrong order
  Lewis Oxtoby OD M14 73.53 M 23-29


Organiser's comments:

Many thanks for all those who attended on a lovely night at Burton Dassett , I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Everybody seemed to get their heads around the complications of the mass start on the long course. From the closeness of some of the times it looks like some racing was taking place.
Well done to Roger who won the short course , Anne who won the medium course and Will who won the long course.
Thanks to Richard for help at registration,George and Ben for putting the controls out and running the long course finish , and Will and David for control collection - we managed to get everything in before it got dark.

Mark Rookledge

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