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[-] Easy (length 2km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Adam Landels OD M10 00:25:27  
2 John Bowman OD M75 00:33:31  
3 Ulla Larsson TOLERED -UTBY M55 00:40:42  

[-] Short Green (length 2.6km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Liz Phillips OD W55 00:38:24  
2 John Cherry OD M18 00:47:19  
3 Janet Richardson OD W70 00:51:50  
4 Phil May OD M65 00:54:06  
5 Sue Hallett OD W70 00:57:05  
6 Liz Cherry OD W45 01:00:50  
7 John Middler OD M65 01:05:49  
8 Hilary May OD W65 01:22:51  
  Roger Hailey OD M80   mis punch at 101 missing 7 others

[-] Green (Length 3.9km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Bruce Bryant OD


2 Luke Cherry OD M16 00:50:25  
3 Graham Horrocks North Wiltshire M55 00:53:07  
4 Oleg Pikhurko IND M45 00:56:33  
5 Karon Thompson HOC W50 00:56:49  
6 Andrew Cathur HOC M6 00:57:32  
7 Juliette Soulard OD W45 00:58:17  
8 Oksana Trushkevych* OD W40 01:08:27  
9 Alberto Tejero ?? M21 01:10:54  
10 Giedre Mockute HOC W21 01:14:54  
11 Lin Page OD W60 01:28:08  
12 John Burrows KERNO M75 01:32:42  
13 Wizzies Wanderers? OD W+M21 01:36:16  
14 Leo Morgado OD M45 01:38:39  
  Amanda powell OD W50   6 to 13 missing

[-] Blue (Length 5.9km)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Alistair Landels OD M50 00:50:40  
2 Ben Rauffet HOC M21 00:54:12  
3 Maths Clarlsson Tolered-UTBY M55 00:56:18  
4 Lesley Ross OD W50 01:02:20  
5 Simon Thompson HOC M50 01:09:07  
6 Jon Forester OD M50 01:15:17  
7 Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 01:16:26  
8 Anders Larson Tolered-UTBY M55 01:17:36  
9 Grahame Court RAFO M35 01:18:21  
10 Mike Snell OD M60 01:18:28  
11 Russel Finch SWOC M50 01:18:35  
12 Bob Brandon OD M70 01:26:43  
13 David Chandler OD M21 01:31:03  
14 Kevin Ross OD M55 01:32:47  
15 Kevin Stephens NOW M45 01:45:24  
16 Stan Alexander OD M65 01:46:06  
  Tony Feltbower OD M65   Missing 13,14,15
  Andy Cherry OD M45   Missiing 12 to 18
  Aaron Madeley OD M21   Missing 10 to 18


Organiser's comments:

Thanks to all 45 of you who turned up to run on one of the hottest days of the year so far. This was an area new to most of the competitors and could be used for a Sunday vent in the winter. When the vegetation dies back more control sites would become available. I tried to persuade three competitors not to go out in shorts, I think they will now consider investing in a pair of bramble bashers! Kudos must be given to those who ran the Blue and cris-crossed the hill 5 times if I had known how hot it was going to be I would have planned a much easier course.

Thanks again to Bruce without his help the both map and courses would never have been finished. Thanks to those who helped collect in controls. We managed to retrieve the last few just before dark.

Congratulations to :

Adam Landels first on Easy

Liz Phillips first on Short Green

Bruce Bryant first on Green

Alistair Landels first on Blue



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