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[-] 45 Minute Score

Position Name Club Age Class Points Time Notes
1 Felix Lunn OD M18 450 38:03  
2 Kevin Stephens NOW M45 450 43:02  
3 Alistair Landels OD M50 440 37:21  
4 Rob Bambrook OD M45 430 44:46  
5 Bruce Bryant OD M60 410 43:29  
6 Russell Finch SWOC M50 410 43:57  
7 Mike Wheeler OD M45 400 46:08 2 part-minutes late
8 Harriet Lawson & Luke Cowap OD W21/M21 380 40:21  
9 Eoin Hankinson OD M16 370 44:59  
10 Liz Phillips OD W55 340 42:55  
11 Chris Dwyer OD M65 330 44:44  
12 Jennie Roberts COBOC W35 320 44:58  
13 Matt Bambrook OD M16 290 44:32  
14 Isla Prince OD W12 280 42:24  
15 Sue Hallett OD W70 270 43:20  
16 Peter Gierth OD M40 270 45:34 1 part-minute late
17 Philip Lunn OD M50 260 44:36  
18 John Ward OD M70 250 44:37  
19 Phil May OD M65 230 43:18  
20 John Burrows KERNO M75 210 45:54 1 part-minute late
21 Hilary May OD W65 200 40:13  
22 Kimberley Lunn OD W45 170 42:18  
23 John Middler OD M65 160 49:16 5 part-minutes late
24 Octavia Wisby OD W21/M21 90 20:44  

[-] Short (length 1.3km, 11 controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Fin Prince OD M12 10:28  
2 John Bowman OD M75 25:01  
3 Stephanie Pikkurko OD W10 26:07  
mp Adam Landels OD M10 21:40 Missing 8
nc Adam Landels OD M10 09:32 2nd run


Organisers' comments:

Thank you very much to all of those who took part in the score at Coundon Park on Wednesday 03/07/19.  The event was a great success on a beautiful day with around 30 runners taking part on the score and short courses.  Sorry to those who lost time trying to find control 154 (it was around 50m out of place), however we have decided to keep this control included in the results as quite a lot of people still managed to find it and we felt it would be unfair to these people if we excluded it.  Many thanks to all those who stayed around after the event to collect controls and help with packing away, it was much appreciated!  We really hope you all enjoyed the event!
Thanks, The Flippance Family.
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