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[-] Easy (2.3km, 15 Controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Max Straube-Roth OD M10 18-22  
2 John Bowman OD   M75 25-29  
3 Finn Knight-Gray   M12 31-59  
4 Holly Turner     35-51  
5 Fin Prince OD M11 36-50  

[-] Orange (2.5km, 11 Controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Isla Prince OD W13 30-17  
2 George Rennie WCOC M12 31-51  
3 Stephanie Pikhurko +Mum OD W6 44-38  

[-] Short Green (3.2km, 14 Controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Anne Straube OD W40 23-53  
2 Bruce Bryant OD M60 27- 04  
3 Daisy Rennie WCOC W14 27-20  
4 Keith Willdig OD M70 29-53  
5 Liz Phillips OD W55 30-24  
6 Helen Rennie WCOC W45 31-43  
7 Luke Cherry OD M16 33-47  
8 Mike Baggott OD M65 36-13  
9 Iain Phillips LEI M50 38-03  
10 Peter Leake LEI M80 39-08  
11 Josie Smart OD W14 41-56  
12 John Middler OD M65 42-09  
13 Margaret Willdig OD W65 46-01  
14 Robert Vickers HOC M75 48-11  
15 Philip Cswell LEI M55 48-20  
16 Leo Morgado OD M45 49-00  
17 Chris Dwyer OD M65 50-46  
18 Lin Page OD W60 51-28  
19 Antony Brown   M21 56-11  

[-] Green (6.2km, 23 Controls)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Charlie Rennie WCOC M16 34-42  
2 Harvey Speed   M21 40-33  
3 Jamie Rennie WCOC M45 41-22  
4 John Rendall OD M40 42-59  
5 Andy Cherry OD M45 45-33  
6 Graeme Court RAFO M35 46-36  
7 Mykyta Chubynsky OD M40 48-29  
8 Rob Smart OD M50 53-08  
9 Richard Steel OD M55 56-07  
10 Will Barber   M21 56-40  
11 John Smith OD M55 56-58  
12 Graeme Mulvaney OD M45 57-12  
13 Bob Brandon OD M70 57-26  
14 Roman Kotecky OD M70 57-37  
15 Alastair Smith   M21 58-02  
16 Pippa Smart OD W16 61-35  
17 John Marriott LEI M70 62-08  
  Mike Snell retired injured        
  Chris McCartney Brikke Failure        


Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming on a wet evening. Planning was inhibited by the ongoing works for Go Ape hence the easy routes to avoid the area .Thank you to Bruce for mapping the new installations and help with the printing .It was good to see visitors from West Cumberland and maybe  stars of the future ! and also Coventry runners who did very well for a first event.

Thanks to Sian for doing registration , Keith ,Margaret, Bob and William  for collecting controls

Richard Gardner

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