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[-] String Course

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Fraser Stamp WCH M8 4.54  
1 Jonah Hearn WCH M10 4.54  
3 Harriet Allinson WRE W9 5.04  
4 Grace Allinson WRE W10 5.44  
5 Adam Landels OD M9 5.56  
6 Annie Lewis WRE W4 12.32  
7 Jammie Atkins HOC M3 18.22  
8 Jamie Atkins (2nd run) HOC M3 24.42  
9 Louis Kieniewicz HOC M1.5 mp  


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Please click HERE for a pdf of the Individual Results

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Organiser's comments:

I am delighted to say that the event today went exceptionally well.  After all of the storms and heavy showers we were blessed with beautiful sunshine for the majority of the day.  Its just a pity about the cutting wind chill.  There were no problems with the EMIT touch free system which proved to be 100% reliable.  There were cases of some individuals wearing the tag upside down, under long sleeves and some expecting to hear a bleep.  Apologies to those, but there was a demo at enquiries and volunteers available to give advice and help fit the tag to your wrist if required.  There were also 3 known cases where runners from the Super Veteran class (Course 10) actually completing the Veterans class (Course 7).  Apologies also to those.  Class 10 is a new category introduced this year to give older (M80 and W70) veterans a fair chance of scoring points for their club.
The event may not have been so successful without the help of over 40 helpers, most of whom also managed to compete.  I especially would like to thank Sue Hallett, Nadine and Greta for planning and setting out challenging courses.  Bob Brandon for heading up an efficient team at the start ensuring that everything flowed smoothly.  Phil Kirk for organising a parking system that ensured that cars did not get bogged down in what was essentially a waterlogged field.  I would also like to help the numerous individuals who gave up their runs to assist in various tasks.  I would also like to thank Roger Edwards our controller from Leicester for the invaluable advice and guidance over the last 10 weeks during the build up to the event.
 John Middler
Here's a link to photos from the event.. 

Plenty of droobers. If anyone wants an unwatermarked image or removal, they should contact me via the email on the photo. 
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