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[-] Short Course (length 1.2km, 11 controls, 20m climb)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 David Bull + 1   M35/M10 12.20  
2 Josie Smart OD W14 15.47  
3 Diana Hailey OD W75 24.00  
4 Vicki Holland   M10 24.06  
5 Ashling Lynch +2   W45/W8/W6 28.48  
6 Mark Radway   M12 30.24  
7 Rufus Harris +1   M6 30.59  
8 Jonathon Drake     35.00  
9 Chloe Drake     35.24  
10 Rhys Caie OD M11 40.58  
11 Brooke / Jesse Kligour   M8/W11 43.23  
12 Isabella / Eli Forrester   W10/M6 43.39  

[-] Medium Course (length 2.5km, 18 controls, 60m climb)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 David Thacker OD M40 22.08  
2 Rob Smart OD M50 26.23  
3 Liz Phillips OD W55 26.42  
4 Giedre Hocklite   W21 34.08  
5 Lewis Oxtoby OD M14 35.26  
6 Daniel / Josh Bull   M14 37.19  
7 Roger Hailey OD M80 37.34  
8 Isla Prince OD M13 38.15  
9 John Bowman OD M75 40.34  
10 Rachel / David Alexander OD M75 45.46  
11 Kimberly Lunn OD W45 50.37  
12 Kim OD M80 52.23  
13 Hilary May OD W65 52.52  
14 James Caie OD M40 54.45  
15 Isaiah Bell   M10 54.49  
16 Alyson Denney OD W65 68.46  
17 Louise, Andrea, Tash OD W55/W40/W35 74.07  
18 Rodney Hugo OD M75 85.48  
19 Celia Chadburn OD W70 85.51  
20 Maddie Hamilton     121.22  

[-] Long Course (length 4.6km, 25 controls, 95m climb)

Position Name Club Age Class Time Notes
1 Sam Leadley OD M20 33.10  
2 Mark Rookledge OD M50 35.14  
3 Jacob Oxtoby OD M16 36.40  
4 Mark Snell OD M60 37.03  
5 Harriet Lawson OD W21 37.14  
6 Douglas McTurk SOS M21 38.01  
7 David Leadley OD M55 38.11  
8 Tony Feltbower OD M65 40.26  
9 Richard Windsor LEI M55 40.45  
10 Bob Brandon OD M70 44.47  
11 Mykyta Chubynsky OD M40 44.56  
12 Chris Keeling OD M40 46.45  
13 Helen Chiswell DVO W40 47.08  
14 Keith Wilding OD M70 47.36  
15 David Oxtoby OD M45 47.40  
16 Stan Alexander OD M65 48.06  
17 Tabitha Lunn OD W16 48.28  
18 John Marriott LEI M70 49.23  
19 Mike Hampton OD M70 50.11  
20 Rohan Kotecky OD M70 50.30  
21 Harriet Burdett DRONGO W21 53.51  
22 Florence Lunn OD W16 53.54  
23 Rachel McTurk SOS W21 54.16  
24 Vlad Boev   M65 59.45  
25 Gerry Spalton OD M70 60.36  
26 Andrew Leedham LOC M55 66.25  
27 Margaret Wilding OD W65 68.57  
28 Charlie Manning TVOC M50 81.30  
29 Jane Stew OD W60 84.42  
30 Brian Mead LEI M55 88.37  


Organiser's comments:

Everdon Stubbs was in fine condition for this event and winning times were quite fast. Things might have been different had the early morning fog persisted, as I found out when putting out the last few controls. Fortunately, most were put out late on Friday afternoon in sunshine.

  Putting on a Saturday morning event can at times seem like a one-person job. Fortunately, I had plenty of support, without whom the event would not have run smoothly. First there was Bruce Bryant who produced a new map – still not complete – at 1:5,000 scale and then added my courses to it – something that is still beyond my abilities.

  Then at Registration and Download there was Chris Dwyer and Phil May, who volunteered without running themselves. Similarly, there was Clive Wrench on Start, who emailed offering his help. Karin did a great job spreading information of the event to various local groups and then helping them on the day. John Middler was a great person to get advice and despite injury helped with control collection. Other control collectors were Mike Snell and Bob Brandon. I collected in the last ones myself, listening to the persistent pecking of a nearby woodpecker.   

  A final thank you must go to the Woodland Trust, who do a great job in conserving woods like this and allowing us to enjoy them.

John Ward

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