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[-] Easy (1.9km 12 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Finlgi Prince Ind M12 20.58  
2 Adam Landels OD M10 27.07  
  Sarah Tefera Ind W12 35.44 Missing no.2
  Pooja Pankiar Ind W21 45.15 Missing finish
  Richard Moffatt+ Jovi+ Jan OD M60   Defective Emit. Did not clear

[-] Sprint / Short (2.5km, 16 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Damien Dear Ind M21 13.33  
2 David Chandler OD M21 16.12  
3 James Moffatt OD M14 20.56  
4 Beatrice Downing Ind W12 29.22  
5 Seb Downing Ind M10 29.45  
6 Nathalie+Marianne Delahaye Ind   33.24  
7 Tony Duckett OD M75 35.49  
8 Leona+Celine Delahaye Ind W6/W12 54.41  
  James+Isabelle Delahaye Ind   35.32 Wrong 17
  Savannah Bowen OD W10 35.56 Missing 14-16, Finish

[-] Medium (3.4km, 17 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Mike Snell OD M60 22.02  
2 Matt Bambrook OD M14 24.54  
3 Liz Phillips OD W50 26.49  
4 Tabithe Lunn OD W14 29.40  
5 Florence Lunn OD W14 29.50  
6 Oscar Downing Ind M14 30.20  
7 John Middler OD M65 31.44  
8 Philip Lunn OD M50 33.56  
9 John Bowman OD M75 37.19  
10 Robert Vickers HOC M75 39.28  
11 Kimberley Lunn OD W45 40.00  
12 John Burrows KERNO M75 42.03  
13 Clive Wrench TVOC M75   Emit failure
  Anthony Brown+David McCormack Ind M21 33.52 Wrong 9
  Isla Prince OD W12 42.05 Missing 7

[-] Score (45mins, 28 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeScoreNotes
1 Alistair Landels OD M50 44.28 26  
2 Damien Dear Ind M21 43.58 22  
3 Rob Bambrook OD M45 45.05 21 1 min over
4 Julitte Southland OD W45 45.54 20 1 min over
5 Bob Brandon OD M65 44.09 19 1 control not counted
6 Mike Hampton OD M70 43.22 17  
7 Sue Hallett OD W70 41.40 15  
8 Russell Finch SWOC M50 42.44 15 4 controls not counted
9 Rachel Alexander+Mandy Crust OD W60/W50 43.27 12  
  Ian Bond RAFO M35 43.00 24 Emit failed
  Harriet Lawson OD W21   23 Emit time failed
  Bruce Bryant OD M60 27.02 28 Non Comp. Conventional score

Organiser's comments:

I hope you enjoyed your run around a very busy Memorial Park. Dodging the footballers and the 5k running race presented additional unplanned route choices for competitors. Fortunately the family barbecue I found at one of the controls had gone before we started.

We always attract newcomers to the sport here and following all the publicity put out by Karin this event was no exception. With that in mind, I tried to plan two courses suitable for beginners as well as providing something for the more experience and fleet of foot.

Apologies for the emit failure which seems to have been on the finish control which only affected the later finishers, so fortunately not too many people were affected but still disappointing for those involved. Once again, my apologies.

Thank you to all those that helped me. Special thanks go to Bruce for his advice and work on condes and planning, to John Ward for running the registration so calmly and to Sue Hallett for lending a hand when things got busy, to Bob Brandon for his excellent work on the download and to Karin for helping the newcomers and encouraging them to take up the sport. Finally, thanks to those that stayed back to collect controls, David Chandler, Mike Snell, and the Lunns.

My pint at the Burnt Post went down well (and quickly) but the car park was as full as the Memorial Park’s.

Good luck to the Lunns at Draycote Water next week.



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