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Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming.  Especially the parents who came out on a cold night to ensure the juniors enjoyed the after dark orienteering in safety.  Everyone seemed to have in the dark.  The Park was much wetter underfoot compared with my recce in mid-December – icy ! 

Standing at the Start for over two hours I was able to watch the blue moon appear through the trees, then climb clear of the tops and higher and higher- I had expected it to go pop !

Thanks to all those behind the scenes who help make these events take place.  My thanks to John Ward John Middler, Mike Snell, Mykyta Chubynsky and Dave Chandler for collecting controls.

John ward is putting on the next event – in daylight ! – at Everdon Stubbs near to Daventry on Saturday February 10th.  Then back to the dark side a week later at Hartshill Country Park.   Hope to see you all at each event.