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[-] Yellow (Length 1.5km, 9 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 William Newton OD M10 11.33  
2 Hannah Wheeler OD W10 13.17  
3 Eleanor Mulhern IND W10 20.21  
4 Max Straube-Roth OD M10 20.22  
5 Kristian Ingham IND M14 20.41  
6 Olivia Mulhern IND W12 21.01  
7 Ben, Harry & Max Wright IND M4 26.18  
8 Amandine & Marc Gelve IND W10/M6 34.38  
9 Michael & Archie O'Reilly IND M4 40.29  
10 Bradley Smith & family OD M6 42.09  

[-] Orange (Length 2.1km, 9 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Paul Quinney OD M50 27.15  
2 John Bowman OD M75 35.52  
3 Hannah Wheeler (Run no. 2) OD W10 47.51  
4 Katherine Stein OD W40 50.28  
5 Jessica Thacker IND W5 52.25  
6 Nigel & Verity Tiff IND M55/W60 57.59  
7 Keelan Maddy (74th Scouts) IND M11 63.35  
8 Jonathan Jilks OD M12 78.53  

[-] Green (Length 3.6km, 15 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Bruce Bryant OD M60 37.27  
2 Cameron Williams-Stein OD M14 38.08  
3 Pete Carey OD M70 42.34  
4 Mike Hampton OD M70 43.39  
5 Liz Phillips OD W50 44.36  
6 Ben Crone IND M21 46.10  
7 Sheila Carey OD W70 49.47  
8 Chris Dwyer OD M65 55.44  
9 Roger Devey IND M65 58.27  
10 Phil Kirk OD M60 58.40  
11 Ian Phillips LEI M50 58.52  
12 Erin & Joe Weatherstone OD W21 59.47  
13 Laura Baxter IND W21 61.11  
14 Nick Baxter IND M21 61.11  
15 John Ward OD M70 61.29  
16 Matt Bambrook OD M14 72.44  
17 Janet Richardson OD W65 74.00  
18 John Middler OD M65 80.22  
19 Kim, Kimbo & Ash OD M45 83.48  
20 Pete Knight IND IND 85.01  
21 Sarah Langford IND W40 85.44  
22 Lin Page OD W60 87.37  
  Peter Hornsby LEI M60 no result EMIT Failure
  Eoin Hankinson OD M14 68.49 Missing 9 - 15
  Thelma Spalton OD W65 71.32 Wrong 9
  Leo Morgado OD M45 93.36 Wrong 15
  Steve Huggard OD M50 96.46 Missing 13,14
  Daniel Huggard OD M15 76.20 Missing 7 - 15
  Joe Quinney OD M14 43.05 Missing 5 - 14

[-] Blue (Length 4.8km, 19 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Sam Leadley OD M18 44.26  
2 Benjamin Rauffet COBOC M21 47.52  
3 Kris Smith BAOC M35 48.52  
4 Andy Emmerson OD M60 48.52  
5 David Leadley OD M50 54.09  
6 Anne Straube OD W40 54.33  
7 Rob Bambrook OD M40 54.36  
8 Mykyta Chubynsky OD M40 60.53  
9 Stan Alexander OD M65 62.10  
10 Bob Brandon OD M65 66.00  
11 Aleksandrs Ivanous OD M35 66.45  
12 Gerry Spalton OD M70 68.42  
13 John Marriott LEI M65 72.13  
  Ian Wells RAFO M60 no timing EMIT Failure


Organiser's Comments:

The Hayes were in beautiful condition for orienteering and there was a good turn-out with plenty of interest from newcomers. Particular thanks to Karin and Andy who spent lots of time explaining things, and some of the newcomers even went on to do both the Yellow and Orange course.

With little undergrowth, there was good running throughout which produced some fast times on all courses. At least, that is, for those on blue who managed to find the old icehouse without losing time. It was quite difficult to spot coming down the hill which, of course, is why it was used as a control site. There is a surprising amount of climb in the Hayes, so an extra Green course was added to the normal Saturday format to give a less physical technical option (less being the operative word as there was still 135m of climb). It was the most popular course on the day so obviously well received.

Thanks to Aleks for helping me to collect the controls at the end. I was even surprised, when collecting the controls, that they seemed to be exactly where they should have been! The day’s only sour point was the failure of two EMITs (5% of those hired) which, as often seems the case, were hired by regular orienteers from other clubs. My apologies to them on behalf of OD.

Thanks everyone for coming along. See you at the next Saturday event.


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