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[-] Easy course (1.1km, 9 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Reegan Richards   M8 8m 14s +1
2 Archer Warrington   M6 9m 25s +1
2 Lewis Robinson   M8    
2 Tommy Cox   M8    
3 Adrian Jaros Cubs/Scouts M11 10m 32s  
4 Zac Ellis Cubs/Scouts M12 11m 04s  
5 George Shemmans   M6 12m 33s + Tom
6 Chloe Shemmans   W9 13m 09s +1
7 Fabian Jalowiecki Cubs/Scouts M10 13m 13s  
8 Becky Bonney + Keith Cubs/Scouts W13 13m 51s  
9 Rosie Bonney Cubs/Scouts W11 14m 02s  
10 Talis Alford + Heather   W10/W75 17m 06s  
11 Zoe Fogden Cubs/Scouts W10 17m 37s  
11 Eden Bratt Cubs/Scouts W10    
12 Katy Baines + Imogen   W45/W12 19m 06s  
13 Autumn Wooton   W7 24m 58s +1
13 Connie Wootton   W4    

[-] Medium course (2.0km, 10 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Alison McKenna + Matthew   M35 19m 18s  
2 Reegan Richards   M8 20m 41s +1
3 Shaun Shemmans   M10 23m 47s  
4 Henry Jeffries OD M10 24m 39s  
5 Leo Barratt   M7 26m 36s +2
6 Becky Spring   W35 28m 53s  
7 Owen Wootton   M9 29m 18s  
8 Chloe Shemmans   W9 29m 21s +1
9 Eleanor Paxton   W12 31m 23s  
9 Nicky Paxton   W50    
10 Rob Ridley +2   M15/M11 32m 38s  
11 Matthew Spring   M40 34m 09s  
12 Ruben Jeffries OD M7 34m 34s +1
13 George Shemmans   M7 34m 38s +1
14 Eden Bratt Cubs/Scouts W10 37m 27s +1
14 Zoe Fogden Cubs/Scouts W10    
14 Kimberley Clarke Cubs/Scouts W10    
15 William Newton   M10 38m 47s  
16 Hanna Kisiala   W14 39m 01s  
16 Daniel Kisiala   M8    
16 Joanna Kisiala   W45    
16= Adam Landels OD M7 39m 01s +1
18 Autumn Wootton   W7 46m 47s +1
18 Connie Wootton   W4    

[-] 45 min Score course (14 controls to find)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Alistair Landels OD M45 15m 23s  
2 Reegan Richards   M8 24m 21s +1
3 Nathan Paxton   M50 25m 25s  
4 William Newton   M10 29m 49s  
5 Alison McKenna + Matthew   M35 35m 47s  
6 Owen Newton   M9 40m 21s +1
7 Hannah Wheeler   W10 46m 36s +1


Organiser's comments:

We had a great turn-out considering the weather was a bit wet at times.

Well done to Reegan Richards (M8) who raced ahead of his Dad to complete the Easy course in just over 8 minutes.  All the others seemed to enjoy it too, having a chance to learn and practise new skills in a relaxed atmosphere.  By the way, 2 or 3 people forgot to punch at the Finish, but were not disqualified - be careful at Events!

Thank you to Kim for bringing a bunch of Cubs/Scouts – it’s always nice to see their enthusiasm.

I had help early on from David and Jacob Oxtoby to put some controls out and get the tent up etc.

Karin came with her usual publicity and eagerness to get people involved.  Liam Chapple and John Ward also gave valuable help in the morning.

Andy and Jill Emmerson took over at noon and suffered the worst of the weather.  They both got involved in helping newcomers.  Andy brought some new Club wrist compasses which are worth looking at for youngsters.

Liam came back to help us all collect controls and clear up.  We have found a new volunteer for this, Regan Richards was most helpful!

Thank you to all who helped and made the day such a success.  Finally, thank you to Warwickshire County Council and the Rangers at Ryton Pools Country Park for allowing us to be there.

John Bowman 

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