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I like Score Events as they are very forgiving of missed controls and are the only events where everybody competes on a level playing field.

This event at Ryton Pools was loosely based on the British Schools Score format.  I peppered the park with 45 controls, many of them just off a suggested beginners route, and others further afield and tucked away to provide more challenge.  I was pleased to see that everyone found more than the eleven controls on the easy route; also that only four people visited all the controls in the 45 minutes!   Particular congratulations to Jacob Oxtoby, M14, who found all but one control and was back with time to spare.

Apologies to those people who couldn’t get to 117 because of the private party in that section of the park.

Thanks particularly to John Middler for support throughout, to Ellie Chapple for much needed help beforehand and on Registration and Download (using the laptop made this a 2 person job).  Thanks also to Bruce Bryant for map and updates, to Liz Phillips for reviewing the risk assessment, and for on-the-day help from Thelma Spalton, Anne Straube, Max Straube-Roth, Daniel Roth, John Ward, Thomas Chapple and Nathan Chapple.

Liam Chapple

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