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[-] White (Length 1.6km, 10 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 David Knott OD M12 11.34  
2 Sebastian + Orianna MacGibbon Ind M7 17.12  
3 Tilly Flippance OD W7 36.06  
4 Max Straube - Roth OD M7 39.34  

[-] Yellow (Length 2.4km, 13 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Giacomo MacGibbon Ind M10 17.01  
2 Alicia Roberts OD W16 20.42  
3 Christian Roberts OD M14 21.19  
4 David Knott OD M12 21.34  
5 Octavia Wisbey Ind W21 21.55  
6 Eoin Hankinson OD M12 23.45  
7 Daniel Huggard OD M14 24.32  
8 Steve Huggard Ind M50 24.34  
9 Ruth Huggard Ind W40 24.52  
10 Lesley Allen Ind W55 24.56  
11 Lewis Oxtoby OD M12 25.04  
12 James Moffatt Ind M12 25.41  
13 Ashley Knott Ind M18 27.07  
14 Julian Hankinson OD M45 29.34  
15 John Bowman OD M70 32.18  
16 Finley Flippance OD M12 39.00  
17 David Haworth OD M55 47.35  
  Emma Goldboyrn Ind W35 25.27 Missing no. 8
  Katie Taylor Ind   25.10 Missing no. 8
  Rachel Johnson Ind   31.59 Wrong no. 9

[-] Medium (Length 4.4km, 18 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Sam MacGibbon Ind M45 21.55  
2 Alicia Roberts OD W16 28.05  
3 Christian Roberts OD M14 29.59  
4 Jacob Oxtoby OD M14 31.34  
5 Steph Howarth OD W21 32.20  
6 Tabitha Lunn OD W12 34.56  
7 Joe Quinney OD M12 35.19  
8 Florence Lunn OD W12 36.47  
9 Sue Hallett OD W70 41.50  
10 Joanna Leadley OD W14 43.29  
11 Lin Page OD W60 43.53  
12 John Burrows Kerno M70 45.18  
13 Rachel Mason OD W40 50.15  
14 Ann + Daisy Davidson OD W40/W14 50.21  
15 Sean + Kelly Clarke Ind M21/W21 61.05  
16 Tony Duckett OD M75 62.22  
  Leo Morgado OD M40 43.37 Missing no.2

[-] Long (Length 5.7km, 24 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Oliver Lunn OD M14 30.49  
2 David Leadley OD M50 30.56  
3 Felix Lunn OD M14 31.33  
4 Marius Jasiulionis Ind M21 33.03  
5 Lucas Howarth OD M21 33.34  
6 Oliver Flippance OD M14 34.04  
7 Paul Quinney OD M45 34.48  
8 Jeremy Knott CUCC M21 35.27  
9 Anne Straube OD W40 36.01  
10 Ben Flippance OD M35 36.19  
11 David Oxtoby OD M40 36.44  
12 Sam Leadley OD M16 38.20  
13 Bob Brandon OD M65 39.49  
14 Ian Kimberley OD M45 41.49  
15 Kerrie Flippance OD W40 42.48  
16 Robert Vickers HOC M70 48.42  
17 John Middler OD M60 49.40  
18 John Ward OD M70 54.59  
19 Michelle Oxtoby OD W40 55.03  


Organiser's comments

Thank you for coming along on what turned out to be a nice evening for the event. There was quite a pleasing turnout of 60 entries for an area that is not very technical and well known to Droobers. The Yellow course was very popular with Karin Kirk drumming quite a few people new or newish to the sport. Many thanks to those of you on the Yellow for recycling your maps for others to use. Let’s hope you enjoyed the event and we look forward to greeting you again, perhaps as club members.

 I had a couple of challenges to overcome, the Godiva festival was on 10 days previously and on the final check of my courses I found part of the Long course behind metal barriers and manned by  security people necessitating some changes to the course just in case. Apologies for changing the control on the Medium and Long Courses in the aviary compound from inside the area (not the bird cages) to the only entrance when I found out they lock the gates in the evening. Fortunately I was able to let you know before you set off. Something to note for future planners perhaps!

Hopefully the football matches and rounders didn’t affect your route courses too much. I was surprised that the football season had started already!!

Thank you for those that helped in the planning and on the day. Special thanks go to Phil and Hilary May who calmly and efficiently handled registration, Liz Phillips for checking my Risk Assessment (some things still to learn even though I have been on the course), Karin Kirk for meeting newcomers (also to those Karin roped in, sorry persuaded, to give guidance to newcomers).

 Thanks too, to Coventry Council and the Memorial Park team for letting us use the park once again. Finally, of course to the essential and highly valued control collectors, Bob Brandon, John Ward, Phil May, Sue Hallett and John Middler without whose help I might still be out there. The early opening of registration before 1730 was well worth it and lots of you made use of that so that we were finished and packed up by 20.20

Chris Dwyer

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