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[-] Gates Run

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Nick Corker RSCAC M40+ 44.23  
2 Matt Harrison MERCIA M40+ 47.59  
3 Andy Robinson MERCIA M50+ 53.51  
4 Paul Jenkins RSCAC M50+ 57.25  
5 Mark Bailey   M50+ 58.24  
6 Stan Alexander OD M60+ 58.37  
7 Barry Elkington OD M60+ 58.57  
8 Bejamin Rauffet COBOC M20+ 65.59  
9 Sheila Carey OD W70+ 66.34 Setting W70+ record
10 Robert Rose HOC M20+ 67,54  
11 Mick Sadler COBOC M60+ 69.38  
12 Adrian Bailey HOC   77.39  
13 Peter Carey OD M70+ 80.13  
14 Robert Vickers HOC M70+ 80.59  
15 Chris Harrison   M60+ 96.22  
16 Susan Young   W50+ 109.50  
  Rob Smart OD M45 Retired  

[-] Yellow (Length 2.0km, 11 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Jock Ziemiski     53.04  
2 Steve Lee COBOC M55 53.34  

[-] Medium (Length 3.2km, 13 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Margaret Willdig OD W60 43.17  
2 Steve Nightingale HOC M65 44.39  
3 Sue Hallett OD W70 44.58  
4 Lin Page OD W60 54.50  
5 Mary Rochford COBOC W50 70.53  
  Loe Morgado OD M40 Retired  

[-] Long (Length 5.2km, 18 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Marius Jasiukionis   M21 41.37  
2 Ian Gamlen COBOC M50 46.55  
3 Mike Baggott HOC M65 52.00  
4 David Chandler OD M21 52.59  
5 Liam Chapple OD M45 57.48  
6 Barry McGowan HOC M65 60.57  
7 Clive Coleman COBOC M65 64.14  
8 John Middler OD M60 78.18  
  Keith Willdig OD M65 Retired  


Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming along on what turned out to be a pleasant evening.  The Gates run celebrating its 50th birthday.  Congratulations to Sheila Carey for setting a record for W70+.   I am now looking for someone/organisation to take on the Gates run for 2017.

Those who chose the orienteering found the woods a little different as the holly had been cleared throughout Holly Hurst between Boldmere Gare and Keepers Pool.  It was such a pity that the juniors were not allowed to come along - area embargoed regarding championship event later in the year.

Thanks to Sue Hallett and Greta Greenall for their support with the admin and to Lin Page; Steph & Lucas Howarth; Ian Gamlin+1 and John Middler for collecting in the orienteering controls.