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[-] Short (Length 2.5km, 12 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Joe Quinney OD M12 14.53  
2 David Knott OD M12 20.47  
3 Robert Morris OD M21 25.28  
4 Rachel Alexander OD W55 26.02  
5 Lesley Allen Ind W55 29.02  
6 Daniel Huggard OD M14 30.29  
7 Finn Flippance OD   33.56  
8 Ruth + Steve Huggard   W40/M50 35.32  
9 Tilly Flippance OD W8 36.50  
10 Max Straube-Roth OD M8 37.28  
11 Darcie, Ben + Alison Ind W10/M14/W45 37.50  

[-] Medium (Length 3.6km, 13 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Paul Quinney OD M45 22.47  
2 Kerrie Flippance OD W40 23.01  
3 Pippa Smart OD W14 25.09  
4 Jacob Oxtoby OD M14 26.20  
5 Charles Nelson HOC M65 28.24  
6 Michelle Oxtoby OD W40 29.34  
7 Ian + Kerry OD M45 29.52  
8 Robert Vickers HOC M70 30.04  
9 Chris Dwyer OD M65 30.29  
10 Florence Lunn OD W12 33.56  
11 Tabitha Lunn OD W12 34.21  
12 Lin Page OD W60 34.41  
13 Sue Hallett OD W70 34.48  
14 Kimberley Lunn OD W40 35.18  
15 Nida Siddiqui Ind W21 36.05  
16 Daisy Davidson OD W14 37.39  
17 Annie Davidson OD W40 37.40  
18 Rachel Mason OD W40 38.51  
19 John Burrows KERNO M70 39.13  
20 Anup Das Ind M21 39.54  
21 Leo Morgado OD M40 46.57  

[-] Nav-"O"-gation Challenge (Length 4.2km, 17 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Oliver Lunn OD M14 27.17  
2 David Dunn OD M35 27.27  
3 Mike Snell OD M60 27.30  
4 Felix Lunn OD M14 29.12  
5 Jeremy Knott OD M21 29.39  
6 Stan Alexander OD M60 29.52  
7 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M35 29.57  
8 Anne Straube OD W40 30.21  
9 Mike Baggott HOC M65 31.04  
10 Rob Smart OD M45 32.07  
11 David Chandler OD M21 32.08  
12 Bob Brandon OD M65 32.09  
13 Oliver Flippance OD M14 33.07  
14 Richard Steel OD M50 33.16  
15 Rachel Emmerson OD W20 35.53  
16 Lucas Howarth OD M21 37.56  
17 Margaret Willdig OD W60 38.02  
18 Keith Willdig OD M65 38.26  
19 John Middler OD M60 40.36  
20 Ben Flippance OD M35 40.43  
21 Philip Lunn OD M45 41.04  
22 Phil May OD M60 41.18  
23 Jane Stew OD W55 56.30  
24 Elizabeth Urquhart OD W60 63.44  
25 Jane Lambert SO W55 32.32 mp.4
26 Graham Urquhart OD M60 34.55 Training run


Organiser's comments:

There was quite an impressive turn out for my summer evening event at Brueton Park, considering the sudden dip in temperature and threat of rain at 5.30pm. I planned a short, medium and long course, with the latter designed to be a true test of navigation as I had removed the control number from the control description. However, as we only had one mis-punch (on all three courses), I can only conclude that there was some excellent orienteering going on!

The Quinney’s are on a winning streak, having been fastest on the short and medium courses. Well done to Oliver Lunn for being fastest on the Nav-“O”-gation course, and who also seems to be on a winning streak having won his age class at the YBT final on Sunday. I heard some competitors on the Nav-“O” course report control 14 being a bit tricky. I am sure it was on the correct tree (Lin Page and I counted it from three different directions), and what it has highlighted is that the map needs some heavy revision.

Thank you’s to: Liz Phillips for checking my Risk Assessment; Bruce Bryant for the Condes file, PDF conversion prior to printing, and for accommodating my tricky requests; Link Mailing for printing the maps; Lin Page for help with putting out controls on the day and with Registration and Download; Chris Dwyer, Lucas Howarth, and Lin Page for help with control collection.

Steph Howarth

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