Leading Results from Ryton Pools Beginners’ Activity 21st May 2016

Part of The Warwickshire ‘Big Day Out’

Here are the leading people on both of the courses :

EASY COURSE 1km 9 controls

Boys:    Giacomo MacGibbon   Bablake School   M10                                      4min 26sec

Girls:  Oriana MacGibbon (W8), Lucy Watson (W7),  Sebastian Mac Gibbon (M6)

Bablake School                                                                                                        5min 52sec

Mens / Mixed: Paul & Jane Thornton  Ind  M/W50                                            8min 36sec

Women: Abi Thornton  Ind  W21                                                                           4min 34sec


MEDIUM COURSE  2km 10 controls

Boys:  Jacob Oxtoby OD M14                                                                                11min 54sec

Girls: Sophia Watson & Connie Paterson  Bablake School  W/W10                         16min 25sec

Mens / Mixed:  Connor & Donna MacLeod Ind M21/W40                                13min 08sec

Women: Michelle Oxtoby OD W40                                                                       12min 01sec


Organiser's comments:

Thank you all for coming! 
Well done to the Droober team!
Thank you, all, for helping, Sue, Kerrie and Oliver, and Karin and John Middler
In the end we had about 70 people do one or more courses.  20 adults and about 50  children, with equal numbers of boys and girls.
All of them seemed to enjoy practising with their compasses and dibbers without the pressure of a competition.  Karin even gained a new OD membership and the hope of more to come.
John M and Oliver were most helpful in collecting controls in afterwards.
Reception thanked us for being part of their 20th anniversary.  Although we missed out on the free gingerbread, we did get some welcome cups of tea from the Rangers.
John Bowman (OD)
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