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Organiser's Comments:

Although I have planned larger events this was my first time organising a larger event. I am happy to report that everything appeared to run smoothly, controls stayed in place and, most importantly, competitors enjoyed the courses. Hartshill is a great area that provides challenge, technicality and non-obtrusive undergrowth.  David Lawson planned some excellent courses which were well received across the colour spectrum. I'd like to thank Barry McGowan (the controller from Harlequins) for his time, hard work and patience.

I was a little anxious about how the day was going to go, concerned over remembering all the correct equipment ("had I followed the planning checklist?" etc etc). I need not have worried because I had a magnificent band of volunteers who made my day entirely pleasurable and stress free, something I was not expecting. I even managed to get a run in on the Brown course (and beat Kirsten after she beat me twice the previous weekend - I decided to mentally exhaust her by organising a long queue at registration - Yippee it worked -  I'm not competitive honest!).

I would certainly like to organise again (on the condition that I have hardstanding car parking, excellent helpers, indoor toilets, a short walk to the start, a good area, pleasant weather and someone on hand to take all the equipment away at the end.  Add to that a guaranteed good run, a very helpful school caretaker who goes out of their way to be accommodating............and......well planned courses - I think you get the idea).

Thank you to absolutely everyone who helped a novice organiser (and rather disorganised person) to survive his first event unscathed.

Chris McCartney


WM Junior Squad comments:

Thank you today to those who provided cakes to sell at the OD event on Hartshill.  We raised £89.40 and sold out.  Somebody commented on how delicious the carrot cake was (we had two so take your pick whose it was). A few lessons learnt for me and I much appreciated having Heather there today on her weekend off school to assist.  I have a couple of containers which I will bring along to the training next weekend.  

Thank you to Barry for providing the table and tent - the lady from OD for providing a knife - and everybody who bought cakes.  We're booked in for the Compass Sport Cup qualifier event on the 13th March.











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