Please Click HERE for .pdf of the results. Updated 21/9/15


Organiser's Comments

Congratulations to Alfie Bullus who managed to visit 26 controls and scored 260 points with no penalties. However, the winner of the Tony Haw Memorial Cup this year is Liz Phillips with a handicap score of 6.76. Only OD club members are eligible for the cup. We were blessed with fantastic weather this weekend. It makes organising an event much more pleasant. I managed to get all controls out by 9.15 and Adrian checked and gave the all clear to start at around 10.10. The attendance was greater than expected, mainly due to bus loads of school children from Bablake and Loughborough High Schools
Unfortunately, control no. 126 had been removed by vandals. I did not discover this until well on through the competition and decided not to replace it. Apologies to all that tried to find this control and wasted time. I find the best course of action in a score event is not to waste too much time searching for one control. Apologies also for the condition of the loos. I have made our feelings known and we will not be charged on this occasion. Thanks very much to all helpers on the day with a special mention to those non-orienteers Kimberley Lunn, Sue Bowman, Mel Elkington and Andy Yeates who gave up his own run to help coach the school kids.. Thanks also to control collectors Adrian Bailey, Mike Snell, Keith Willdig, Margaret Willdig and Jane Stew.

John Middler 


Controller's report

Thanks to John for an interesting and challenging score event – the groupings of controls made it quite tricky to decide on a plan of attack.

It was a shame that control 126 was stolen, and I'm sorry that it wasn't taped – I know several of you wasted time hunting around the control site.

Many thanks to those who helped in the search for the missing runner – he was found safe and well.

Adrian Bailey (HOC)

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