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[-] Yellow (Length 1.4km, 9 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Joel Taylor OD M10 00:14:01  
2 Stephen Hickingbotham KHVIII M14 00:22:25  
3 Theo Bratton KHVIII M14 00:22:39  
4 Nicholas Buckley OD M14 00:23:09  
5 Henry Jeffries OD M10 00:26:53  
6 Barbara Morse   W65 00:30:37  
7 James Edney   M10 00:37:52  
8 Max Straube OD M6 00:40:01  
9 Finlay Flippance OD M10 00:41:22  
  Martha Bryan     00:23:38 MP 6-8
  Nathan Taylor OD M8 00:31:06 Ret after 4

[-] Orange (Length 2.6km, 14 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Oliver Flippance OD M14 00:24:33  
2 Rob Smart OD M45 00:24:41  
3 Pippa Smart OD W12 00:25:10  
4 Paul Stapleton OD M45 00:31:12  
5 Daniel Hobbins KHVIII M16 00:32:02  
6 Joe Quinney OD M12 00:32:46  
7 John Bowman OD M70 00:34:36  
8 Chris Baricell OD M55 00:40:43  
9 Sue Hallett OD W65 00:41:26  
10 Matthew Bates   M21 00:42:27  
11 Martin Mizera OD M60 00:46:23  
12 Nicholas Buckley OD M14 00:46:36  
13 Greta Greenall   W65 00:46:38  
14 James Hunt OD M12 00:47:27  
15 Visva Moorthy KHVIII M16 00:54:55  
16 Rebecca Grier   W40 00:59:05  
17 Emma Grier   W14 01:00:38  
18 Katy Bratton KHVIII W16 01:06:54  
  John Wright OD M75   Failed Brikke
  Nathanael Harding KHVIII M16   Failed Brikke
  Seth Bryan     00:54:32 MP 12-14
  Noah Bryan     00:25:51 MP 1-4, 8-11,13,14
  Callum Pearman KHVIII M16 00:35:50 MP 5
  Asim Poptani KHVIII M16 00:37:09 MP5
  Jacqui Quinney   W45 00:49:15 MP5
  Kerrie Flippance OD W40 00:21:20 Ret after 3
  Kath Wright OD W70 00:59:56 Ret after 4

[-] Green (Length 4.7km, 21 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Harrison McCartney OD M18 00:31:53  
2 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M35 00:33:41  
3 Chris McCartney OD M45 00:34:53  
4 Paul Taylor OD M35 00:39:47  
5 Mike Baggot HOC M60 00:39:57  
6 Oliver Lunn OD M14 00:42:01  
7 Felix lunn OD M14 00:44:01  
8 John Pearson OD M65 00:44:52  
9 Liam Chapple OD M45 00:45:44  
10 Bob Brandon OD M65 00:46:14  
11 Dave Marr OD M60 00:47:03  
12 Jeremy Higgins OD M50 00:47:43  
13 David Chandler OD M21 00:48:40  
14 Liz Phillips OD W50 00:48:44  
15 William De Bolla   M21 00:49:34  
16 Roman Kotecky OD M65 00:49:42  
17 Sheila Carey OD W65 00:49:52  
18 Graham Horrocks OD M50 00:51:39  
19 Peter Carey OD M70 00:53:04  
20 Margaret Willdig OD W60 01:00:01  
21 Keith Willdig OD M65 01:00:12  
22 Paul Wright OD M50 01:04:29  
23 Andrew Payne   M55 01:09:04  
24 Jane Stew OD W55 01:19:21  
  Bruce Bryant OD M55 00:29:55 Ran as a score course
  Richard Steele OD M50   Failed Brikke
  Erin   M21 00:55:37 MP 16 -21
  Carolyn Marr OD W65 01:07:39 MP 3, 16
  Helen Baricer OD W50 01:02:34 Ret after 15


Organiser's Comments


Firstly, I owe significant thanks to a number of folk who made sure the event worked.... my involvement unfortunately being pretty much reduced to just the course planning due to work commitments.   Bob Brandon was ever helpful in pulling everything together, John Middler kindly hung the controls and ran download, Kimberley Lunn (with Oliver and Felix) ran registration and Karin was as ever there to welcome newcomers. Dave Marr, Sheila and Peter Carey and Bob Brandon were all on hand to help collect controls at the end of the evening. Thank you to everyone, and if I have forgotten to acknowledge anybody, then my apologies.

Although there was a slightly chilly wind, there was an excellent turn out of around 70. People seemed to enjoy their courses and I received some positive feedback, which is always nice when you have planned. A few folk experienced some problems with their Brikkes, I hope that this didn’t upset your enjoyment of the woods.

John Middler, who did so much to make the event a success, has asked me to add:

“When asked to put out controls for Mike, I accepted with pleasure. It meant that I could have a nice leisurely stroll around Itchington Holt. I was able to enjoy the flora and fauna. I saw 2 pheasants and several small deer which I think were monkjack, a non native species. The weather was pleasant all day and not too hot. Kimberley, Felix and Oliver did a fantastic job on registration and coped well with the peaks and troughs as the masses descended.”

Thanks again to all who helped and entrants alike.

Mike King


16/6/15: Orange Results corrected (Palul Stapleton had been omitted)

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