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[-] Yellow (Length 1.2km, 10 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Nathan Taylor OD M8 17.16  
2 Rucha Sawlekar IND   20.19  
3 Nida Siddoqu IND   20.25  
4 Max Straube-Roth OD M10 28.42  

[-] Orange (Length 2.1km, 15 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Pippa Smart OD W12 13.03  
2 Joel Taylor OD M10 16.25  
3 Luke Cherry OD M12 17.53  
4 Kimberley Lunn OD W40 18.02  
5 Leo Morgado OD M40 19.22  
6 Tabitha Lunn OD W12 19.47  
7 Sue Hallett OD W65 20.44  
8 Lucas+Max IND M21/0 22.28  
9 Richard Haw OD M65 24.01  
10 Ella+Dan OD W45/M8 28.12  
11 Jo Quinney OD M12 34.30  
12 Linda Haworth OD W55 36.39  
13 David Haworth OD M45 36.44  
  Nicholas Buckley OD M14 16.53 w 6+10
  Edward Buckley OD M10 20.08 m4-15

[-] Medium (Length 3.9km, 20 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Bruce Bryant OD M55 24.08  
2 Anne Sraube OD W40 24.44  
3 Sheila Carey OD W65 25.24  
4 Paul Quinney OD M45 25.45  
5 Liz Phillips OD W50 26.10  
6 Peter Carey OD M70 26.33  
7 Margaret Willdig OD W60 27.50  
8 Oliver Flippance OD M14 28.04  
9 John Cherry OD M14 29.29  
10 Steph Howarth OD W21 32.55  
11 Philip Lunn OD M45 33.06  
12 John Bowman OD M70 35.31  
13 Rose Gostner IND W21 37.10  
14 Robert Vickers HOC M70 38.22  
15 Rachel Alexander OD W55 38.25  
16 Florence Lunn OD W12 39.30  
17 Frances King OD W55 40.23  
18 John Burrows KERNO M70 43.21  
19 Sue Bicknell OD W70 44.43  
20 Lin Page OD W60 47.23  
  Tabitha Lunn OD W12 65.12 m16

[-] Long (Length 5.5km, 24 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Alistair Powell OD M35 27.55  
2 Tony Feltbower OD M60 29.05  
3 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M35 29.14  
4 Felix Lunn OD M14 31.56  
5 Oliver Lunn OD M14 31.59  
6 Frances Briscoe IND W21 34.33  
7 Stan Alexander OD M60 34.38  
8 Richard Steel OD M50 34.50  
9 Keith Willdig OD M65 35.40  
10 David Chandler OD M21 36.04  
11 Rob Smart OD M45 36.18  
12 David Butler OD M60 38.41  
13 Mike Snell OD M55 40.17  
14 Liz Cherry OD W45 41.42  
15 Kevin Gallagher LEI M65 42.59  
16 Jo Congo OD W40 43.23  
17 Phil Kirk OD M55 44.08  
18 Dai+Fawaz DVO   48.47  
  Bob Brandon OD M65 31.31 m12-14
  John Middler OD M60 35.34 m18-24
  Mike King OD M55 37.09 m16


Organiser's Comments

Thanks to everyone who turned up and took part in the event at the Memorial Park on Wednesday. It is with some sense of guilt that I have to admit that the last time I organised an event we were still using master maps and needle punches. So I approached planning this event with a sense of challenge. Many thanks then to Bob for his encouragement and advice – I can recommend his ‘idiots guide to Condes’.

Thanks also to Hilary and Chris Dwyer for running registration and download. Help in collecting controls by Mike Snell, Dave Chandler and Bob was also much appreciated, as light was beginning to go quickly.

My apologies for placing control 112 (orange and medium courses) on the wrong thicket. This was due to a lack of concentration on my part when setting out the courses. I hope not too much time was lost due to this.


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