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Organiser's Comments

Of the 198 entries, many reported that they had enjoyed the event. The middle distance format did not seem to be a problem and there was a good spread of entries across the courses. This excellent map deserves to be used again. The area has improved greatly since the last time it was used.

There are many factors that contribute to the making of an enjoyable and successful event. The weather  (tick), the terrain(tick), parking (thank you, Margaret and Michael Drayton School), map (Bruce), courses (Pete), additional attractions (Anne’s very popular maze), traders (Ultrasport) all play a big part. But most of all the number of volunteers who do their bit (or more) to help others have a good time is the key factor. It means that when there is a problem (and there are always one or two) there are Good Samaritans who step in with their own particular expertise and save the day for others. Suzanne spotted the printing omissions on some of the control descriptions early enough to prevent anyone starting without this information. Other heroes/heroines were Carolyn Marr (helping John and Kath with a car problem) and Keith Willdig (retrieving the last control left out at the end of the day), Trevor (tent and check box) to mention a few. So thank you all. I hope you enjoyed your runs too!


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