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[-] Bentley Woods String Course

1 Euan Tebbutt 15 LEI 3.08  
2 Ethan Tebbutt 12 LEI 3.39  
3 Holly & Katie 11 WCH 10.15  
4 Max Straube-Roth 4 OD 13  
5 Rory & Hattie Sarkies 6 & 4 OD 19.16  
6 William & Stanley Preston 4 & 2 SYO 24.14  
7 Fraser & Olivia Stamp 3 & 5 WCH 29  
For the results of the 09th March 2014 Bentley Woods event, Click on the links below.
(Team scores updated 11/3/14, Routegadget Link added 12/3/14)
What a brilliant day.  It could have been mid-summer.  The attendance was fantastic with over 460 runners.  There were 2 instances of EMIT brikke failure and one instance where an electronic punch failed but the pin prick was present and could be verified.  Those three will be reinstated if possible.  Unfortunately, there was also one competitor whose card failed to register the electronic punch at one control and the corresponding pin prick was missing.  Final details and the notices in the assembly area were very clear.  The correct use of the backup card will avoid disqualification.
The success of the day was due to huge number of helpers who did not hesitate to take on the thankless tasks allocated to them.  Thanks to all 60 volunteers, far to many to mention individually.  But special thanks to the registration team who provided all of the paperwork and notices that I hadn't even dreamt of and thanks also to Bob Brandon for collecting the start gear and setting up the start, which worked so efficiently on the day.  Special acknowledgement also go to the landowners and staff of Merevale Estate for access to the area and for the use of the Baddesley Pit for parking and assembly.
John Middler
Tom Horton (HOC, Brown) and Pat Murray (WCH, Short Green)’s results have been reinstated by the Organiser & Controller following the failure of their hired EMIT brikkes. but this is not currently reflected in the results. The final scores for the CompassSport Cup will therefore change slightly, but not enough to affect the teams’ positions. There will be no changes to the CompassSport Trophy team scores.
Anthony Walker
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