For the results of the 2014 New Years Day score event and the Laurie Bradley Trophy at Kinsbury Water Park, Click on the link below.

New Years Day 2014 Score Event Results

Organiser’s Comments

"Many thanks for everyone for coming out to Kingsbury on such an awful
day. Barry Elkington planned a good course, under the watchful eye of
our controller, Sheena Williams. I heard many discussions going on
long after the finish, as to the best way to choose to get most
points. The helpers turned out, often to stand in the rain, to ensure
the event went well. A big THANK YOU to them. I must highlight
Graham Urquhart who, with help from Liz, loaded his car full of his
and my equipment and then arranged the I.T. throughout the event.
Hope to see you all again on January 12th at Brandon Woods where
Thelma is organising some January sun !"
Many thanks