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[-] Yellow (length 1.2km, 11 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Oliver Lunn OD M12 08:05  
2 Pippa Smart OD W10 09:01  
3 Felix Lunn OD M12 09:21  
4 Jurate Zokaityte   W21 10:35  
5 Emily Bell & Emily Cooper 1st Bodicote W13 11:17  
6 Stanley Stringer OD M10 13:15  
7 Tabitha Lunn   W8 13:36  
8 Leah Wheeler & Olivia Homan 1st Bodicote W12 14:04  
9 Farrell Hawkes OD M9 15:08  
10 George Wood 7th Banbury M10 15:59  
11 Emily Shilling & Deanna Bover 1st Bodicote W12 16:12  
12 Josie Hill & Chloe Pearson 1st Bodicote W12/W11 16:51  
13 Bodicote Leaders 1st Bodicote Wx5 21:03  
14 Florence Lunn OD W10 21:39  
15 Hannah, Jaz & Alice 1st Bodicote W11 24:45  
16 Izzy Palmer & Elly Henshaw 1st Bodicote W10 27:22  
17 Rachael Wyeth & Holly Wellbourne 1st Bodicote W10/W13 33:38  

[-] Orange (length 2.6km, 13 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Suzanne Humphries OD W45 21:48  
2 Alfie Bullus OD M14 28:28  
3 Henry Winser   M14 29:58  
4 Emma Stringer OD W12 44:06  
5 Rebecca Leigh   W45 50:16  
6 Farrell Hawkes OD M9 55:00 2nd run
7 Karen Ireland   W48 56:42  
8 George Wood 7th Banbury M10 71:52 2nd run

[-] Green (length 3.7km, 22 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Riina Kuuselo OD W21 27:36  
2 Chris McCartney OD M40 30:04  
3 Bob Brandon OD M60 38:15  
4 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M21 38:43  
5 Rob Smart OD M45 39:29  
6 Richard Steel OD M50 43:36  
7 Steph Howarth OD W21 43:40  
8 John Ward OD M65 46:31  
9 John Bowman OD M70 55:06  
10 Lin Page OD W55 70:56  
11 Jenny Uff HOC W60 95:43  
  John Middler OD M60 40:40 m19-22 to report vandalised control
  Tony Feltbower OD M60 40:12 m22



Organiser's Comments

Thank you to everyone who ventured to Banbury in the deep south on a what was a glorious but hot evening. Spiceball Park being a small and compact area presented some planning challenges, especially as the area on the south of the map was unusable as it has been developed since first mapped and for which it was not possible to re-map in time. There were also areas of rough open which were already too overgrown to use when we had our planning trips.

Nevertheless it seemed that those doing the two easier courses – including a large contingent of Girl Guides - enjoyed themselves and we managed to present some interest to those undertaking green. With most of the terrain not lending itself to technically difficult navigation, on green the intention was to reward quick and accurate route choice by presenting options where possible. Again comments appeared positive although in retrospect the final sequence of controls from 19 to 22 were more challenging than we anticipated – probably not helped that a crucial tarmac path and a track were not quite as clear on the map as they perhaps could have been coupled with significant additional nettle growth since our planning trips. Apologies to all who battled their way around those controls.

Thank you to Frances, James and Oliver King for running registration and download, John Bowman, Sue Bicknell and Jill Emmerson for collectively being Karin for the evening and general help, to Andy Emmerson for minor map corrections and updates and to James and Oliver (again) and Lin and Steph for helping collect in the controls.

Ant Walker Mike King

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