Results and organiser's comments


1  John Bowman           OD M65   12.52

2  Ilze Strautmane         Ind W21   15.38

3  Leo & Malachy         Ind            16.38

4  Barbara Morse          OD W60   17.48


5  Miles Balderson       Ind  M10   23.21

6  Stan Stringer            OD  M10   24.01

7  Elliot Powell            Ind  M10   28.33

Ben, Zachary, Joseph

and Edith                     Ind  missing no.7


Alex & Ryan

Tom, George             controls taken in

and Robert                  wrong order

Thomas and Jack

James & Joe



1  Louie Boot               Ind  M13   31.35

2  Rob Smart                OD M45   33.52

3  John Wright             OD M70   41.37

4  Sue Hallett               OD W65   41.53

5  Kath Wright             OD W70   60.44

6  Miles Balderson       Ind  M10   63.52

7  John Gallagher        Ind  M50    64.16

Ollie Boot                           M11

   missing 1, 9 and 11


1  Aleksandas Ivanovs    OD  M21 45.53

2  John Embrey             HOC M55 50.15

3  Mike Baggott            HOC M60 50.40

4  John Pearson             HOC M65 53.11

5  Bob Brandon              OD  M60 54.30

6  Richard Steel              OD  M50 54.34   

7  Aimee Morse              OD  W16 54.37

8  Mike King                  OD  M55 55.36

9  Alistair Powell            OD M35 56.23

10 Mike Hampton           OD M65 57.14

11 Paul Wright              PFO M50 66.06

12 John Middler              OD M60 69.42

13 Ellie Boot                   Ind  W16 70.41

14 John Bennison            OD M65 82.53

15 Marian White           HOC W50 84.13

16 Frances King              OD W55


Chris McCartney  OD M40  43.11

                         no. 14 missing

Ashley Ford          HOC M60 74.14

                         no. 13 missing

Jacky Embrey       HOC W55

                         nos.13-19  missing  

Andy White          HOC M55

              nos. 15-21 and 23 missing




A disappointing number of runners but exams seem to have taken preference.

Sorry those later runners who found control 116 missing. It was later found thrown on one side in another piece of woodland.

Otherwise the day was fine and good for running. Despite being a standard park, it was possible to find some challenging control locations especially when the nettles are fresh and stingy.

Thanks to Bob, Sue , Mike and Ollie for assisting in collecting controls.

Sue Bicknell

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