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[-] White (Length 1.7k, 10m climb, 8 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Tom Smith Ind M10 14.05  
2 Pippa Smart OD W10 23.43  
3 Dylan Parkinson Ind M7 25.54  
4 Ellen Simpson OD W5 37.30  

[-] Yellow (Length 2.0km, 20m climb, 8 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Rob Smart OD M45 24.16  
2 Nicholas Buckley & William Luxmoore OD/Ind M12 36.41 Andrew Buckley shadowing
3 Henry Adams KH8 M14 42.18  
4 Sean Jones Ind M11 48.07  
  Yuhang Xie KH8 M13 19.38 missing no.6

[-] Light Green (Length 4.2km, 65m climb, 10 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Andy White HOC M55 38.58  
2 Liz Phillips OD W45 39.07  
3 Phil May OD M60 46.13  
4 Marion White HOC W50 46.21  
5 Janet Richardson OD W60 48.31  
6 John Palmer NOC M65 51.23  
7 Graham Horrocks PFO M50 52.18  
8 Jacky Embrey HOC W55 52.30  
9 Margaret Willdig OD W60 57.53  
10 John Burrows KERNO M70 58.10  
11 Sue Hallett OD W65 61.43  
12 Sue Bicknell OD W65 61.59  
13 Kay Pittaway OD W45 69.32  
14 Jim O'Donovan Cork O M65 69.46  
15 John Gallagher Ind M50 73.20  
  Robert Titterington LEI M70 51.34 missing no. 4; wrong no.9
  Jane Stew OD W55 61.47 missing nos 9 &10
  Richard Steel OD M50 56.07 missing nos 6, 9 &10

[-] Green (Length 6.4km, 70m climb, 17 controls)

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Harrison McCartney OD M16 40.40  
2 Chris Embrey HOC M21 42.07  
3 John Embrey HOC M55 45.20  
4 Chris MacKenzie CLOK M20 47.00  
5 Toni O'Donovan OD W35 48.41  
6 Chris McCartney OD M40 49.14  
7 Mike Baggott HOC M60 50.50  
8 Mike Hampton OD M65 53.49  
9 Kjetil Sekse OD M22 58.37  
10 Bob Brandon OD M60 60.02  
11 Peter Langmaid HOC M45 61.17  
12 Aleksandrs Ivanovs OD M21 65.06  
13 John Marriott LEI M65 65.14  
14 Colm Connaughton OD M35 69.52  
15 Hilary Palmer NOC W65 70.36  
16 Barry McGowan HOC M65 73.01  
17 Peter Hornsby LEI M60 73.05  
18 Keith Willdig OD M60 74.14  
19 Kerstin Mitchell HOC W45 74.26  
20 Chris Bosley LEI M65 76.43  
21 Robert Vickers HOC M70 77.49  
22 Simon Starkey LEI M55 78.47  
23 John Bennison WRE M65 79.51  
24 John Ward OD M65 84.08  
25 John Middler OD M60 89.50  
  Bruce Bryant OD M55 54.53 missing nos. 4,6,9,13,14,15
  Steve Edgar LEI M45 92.06 missing no. 2



Organiser's Comments

What a great time of year to be in Bentley Woods! There were deer, pheasants, bluebells and wood anemones if you had time to spot them.

The long green course was very popular and everyone seemed to enjoy their runs. I understand that the A5 was a bit of a car park on the way but hopefully the journey back was easier.

It is a pity we could not tempt more juniors. However, Karin gave her usual warm welcome to those who were tackling their first event.

Chris and the staff at the White Hart Inn could not have been more helpful.

Very many thanks to The Bentley Estate and Judith Little in the Land Office, John Bowman and also Richard Gardner, John Ward and John Middler for helping to collect controls.

Sheila and Pete

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