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[-] Yellow

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Bernie and Cat Snell W21 17:13
2 Henry Jeffries + 1 OD M4 39:06
3 Ron and Hattie Sarkies OD M4 +W2 56:15
Eve O’Sullivan OD W14 32:03 Missing 4

[-] Orange

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Suzanne Humphries OD W45 27:49
2 Ros James SMOC W45 30:18
3 Richard Steel M45 30:39
4 Will James SMOC M21 32:05
5 Will Robinson M50 32:25
6 Richard Windsor LEI M50 41:39

[-] Green

PositionNameClubAge ClassTimeNotes
1 Bob Brandon OD M60 32:18
2 Alan Segar OD M35 32:37
3 Mike Hampton OD M65 33:06
4 Colm Connaughton OD M35 33:54
5 Mike Baggott HOC M60 35:38
6 Pete Carey OD M65 36:58
7 Sheila Carey OD W65 38:10
8 Mike Snel OD M55 39:07
9 Liz Phillips OD W45 40:08
10 Graham Horrocks PFO M50 40:58
11 Kevin Gallagher LEI M60 42:08
12 Dennis Mews HOC M60 44:01
13 Chris Dwyer OD M60 45:12
14 Jackie Stuart OD W55 62:19
Bruce Bryant OD M50 38:09 Missing 8

Borough Hill was at its best for this event: The grass was short – thanks to the cattle wintering on the hill, the visibility was good and the heavy showers kept away: There was an early problem with the download, which, despite recharging and checking at home, did not work on the day: Fortunately Alan Segar was able to supply a charger to my car battery, which saved the situation:

The courses were those planned for the cancelled Saturday morning event in February, hence there was no Blue Course: It also meant that the Green Course had controls 1 and 8 on crossing points, which were not necessary for the evening event but needed in February to keep two separate herds of cattle apart:

My thanks go to Alan for providing the charger and to Suzanne for rescuing the download when chaos threatened: Also thanks to Bob, Suzanne and Alan for helping with control collection: Everything was completed well before 8 o’clock:

John Ward

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